About Me

Hello and welcome to my own personal website. I never thought I would have ever started this without influence of a great friend, digdeeper. While his website is more informative - My website is more personal.

Theres not really anything special about me - I'm just a person getting by in the world while also enjoying my hobbies. I care very much about people (Atleast I think so) - which is the primary purpose of this website - To keep note of the things that erode our human rights and freedoms. Or atleast that was the original purpose - I have since largely used my site as a hub for my love of doujin music. I do not have any type of social media at all - its all a cancerous waste of time anyway. Besides that I have been watching airing anime since 2009 and have a deep interest in otaku culture in general. I am extremely dedicated to doujin music - I have bought and collected 2300+ physical albums in the span of 5 years.

My website is mostly for my own personal use - To collect my thoughts all in one place. I am not in the interest of advertising my site and feel no need to do so. However, if you come to like my site and want to share it around with your friends or people you know - Go ahead. It would make me happy if my website has somehow managed to influence others.

While its nice to look at other peoples' personal websites - I don't like most website designs and such. My website is intended to be minimal with a focus on content.

Please contact me for thoughts or insight into anything I write.

My website is actually optimized for my own viewing. I only have one monitor so I use two browsers side by side. Click here for an example.

Just in case you are wondering - The image that of the blue hair anime-styled girl on the main webpage of my site is an original illustration of an album cover by うさだ (Usada) for the Progressive House album Light Notes Recordings - ...β. I appreciate art but not on a very deep level like actual artists. うさだ's art, however, really stands out to me and I very much associate myself with it. Most people usually use a random anime girl avatar and change it every so often which I used to do too until I laid my eyes on this album cover. It is nothing short of beauty to me and I have grown very fond of it. The album itself also has some great songs!

I am looking for a small, active, and *mature* airing anime Discord server or XMPP channel. It seems to be difficult to find such a server that isn't filled with young teenagers that talk retarded, people that spam emojis, servers that prioritize ranking and roles, etc. I watch several airing anime series every season for the past 10 years and am very open and positive about anime. Please contact me!

Fuck this shit. I just made my own Discord server because none of the anime-based servers on discord.me or other Discord advertising sites fit my standards. Please consider joining my server if you use Discord, watch airing anime (finished aired stuff is fine too of course!), or would like to talk about technology.