Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Additional Information

Genres: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance

>Having a fox loli wife that pampers you after a long hard day of work

The dream :blush:

Short simple thoughts: Imagine being an overworked Japanese man on the verge of losing it...Then when you get home you are greeted but a cute loli fox girl that says she wants to pamper you~ This seems to be a really heartwarming slice of life series that will make you smile~

The life of a programmer :wendayisdark:

When you can't turn the offer down because you're too kind :tfw:

Nice plot


The life of an overworked Japanese man :feelsbadman:

Must feel nice lucky MC

No its not a dream lucky bastard

Wew - Not an unrealistic thought sadly

Nice acting fox-chan

Must be nice being able to eat with such a cute girl

Shes legal !!! :^)


Too bad shes not real :sobs:

You have great eyes MC

Fluffy fluffy~

So understanding ;_;

The dream~~~

And this is only episode 1, 11 more to go wew

Sensitive tail meme is cute