Online pornography age checks to be mandatory in UK from 15 July

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「The UK's age verification system for online pornography will become mandatory on 15 July, the government has confirmed.

From that date, commercial providers of online pornography will be required to carry out "robust" age verification checks on users, in order to keep children from accessing adult content.

Websites that refuse to implement the checks face being blocked by UK internet service providers or having their access to payment services withdrawn.」

Is there any country more retarded than the UK? This is clearly NOT going to work. There are so many ways to circumvent this internet-destroying regulations - VPN, Tor, friends, account sharing, services to bypass age verification, etc. This does nothing but attempt to restrict freedom from the citizens of the UK even further than they already should be. Websites shouldn't have to deal with UK's drivel and lack of understanding of technology in general.

「The digital minister, Margot James, welcomed the introduction of the rules, saying: "Adult content is currently far too easy for children to access online. The introduction of mandatory age verification is a world first, and we_ve taken the time to balance privacy concerns with the need to protect children from inappropriate content. We want the UK to be the safest place in the world to be online, and these new laws will help us achieve this."

Will Gardner, the chief executive of Childnet, said: "We hope that the introduction of this age verification will help in protecting children, making it harder for young people to accidentally come across online pornography, as well as bringing in the same protections that we use offline to protect children from age-restricted goods or services."」

Of course an old tech-illiterate politician will think this is a good idea. Fucking clueless people should not mandate these types of restrictions when they do not have a clear understanding of technology and the internet. If you're so concerned about children accessing 'adult content' on the internet then how about encouraging parents to do better parenting rather than make everyone suffer for the actions of a few? You will never realistically be the 'safest place in the world to be online' nor should the internet be skewed to what you do like. So you want to stop children from accessing porn but they're still free to watch murder and violence on various sites? Violence = good || lewd = bad !! How about going after real issues that actually affect the country than to mandate petty restrictions? Why should we have to give up anonymity for the bullshit excuse 'Think of the children!!!'

「Some campaigners have criticised the laws' potential effectiveness. The government was forced to exempt large social media sites from the ban owing to fears that a strict implementation would result in sites including Twitter, Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr being blocked for adult content.

Additionally, concerns have been raised that the laws could result in the creation of a database of the UK's porn viewers, which would pose a privacy problem if it were to ever leak.

Unfortunately for the government's attempts to calm fears on the privacy issue, the news was announced by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport in an email that exposed the contact details of almost 300 recipients. DCMS was also responsible for implementing the new GDPR laws in the UK, which mandate large financial penalties for breaches that expose personal data.」

A surveillance database created to spy on your porn habits. That can be potentially very sensitive information and can even be criminalizing depending on the fetish.

「Jim Killock, the executive director of the Open Rights Group, said: "The government needs to compel companies to enforce privacy standards. The idea that they are "optional" is dangerous and irresponsible. Having some age verification that is good and other systems that are bad is unfair and a scammer's paradise - of the government's own making."

He added: "Data leaks could be disastrous, and they will be the government's own fault. The government needs to shape up and legislate for privacy before their own policy results in people being outed, careers destroyed or suicides being provoked."」

Someone that actually understands what tech corporations need to do but won't do as well as the privacy implications that may happen if there happens to be a data breach. In the grand scheme of things - this age verifcation check for porn on the internet is useless with the bypasses that can be used and is yet another attempt at surveillance and control over the people.

Some supplementary insightful comments courtesy of Slashdot:

Yet more Whack-a-Mole, UK edition

「Hey, UK: You do know this will only stop the most casual and unintelligent of underage kids from seeing porn, right?

They'll use TOR, or a VPN, or a proxy, or get access to someone else's 'porn license', and that'll just cover the actual out-and-out porn sites, it won't cover all the other sites that can have porn on them, or Torrenting porn, and so on, and so on.

Meanwhile, where are UK parents, whose job it really is supposed to be to monitor their kids' accessing of the Internet in the first place?

Let's just be frank about this, UK legislators: what you're really doing here, is trying to legislate morality. Your 'age verification' requirement is really just a 'shame factor', to discourage people from accessing pornography entirely, regardless of age, by requiring them to reveal themselves in a public setting.

You're just hiding this effort behind the age-old 'think of the children!' tactic.

Then, of course, there's the age-old problem of defining what is and is not 'pornography': basically, you can't. It's literally in the eye of the beholder. So then your 'protect the children from pornography' law will be used for censorship of any number of things on the Internet that you Torries find 'objectionable'.

Wonder how long it'll be, before that turns into censoring any and all criticism of the Government?

But I digress. Enjoy your wasted Taxpayer money and wasted effort. Things like this flavor of censorship have been tried before, and they never work.」


「... the kids will still be free to watch people being murdered, tortured, blown up, stabbed, shot etc etc on various forums and sites. But thats ok. Just so long as they don't get to see any tits or arse then they'll be fine.

Sex - its monstrous! Should be outlawed! Hopefully in the year of our Lord 1819 in which the UK government lives will see the end of these vile online fornicators!」