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My Privacy Journey

The Insanity of Leftism

Transgender athlete smashes four women’s powerlifting records

Minecraft Creator Notch Banned from Event for Political Statements

Students are now being expelled from schools in America for not having the “correct” views on transgenderism

Usual Suspects Already Demanding P5R Censorship

Mortal Kombat’s Ed Boon: “People Don’t Wear Bikinis to a Fight!”

Atelier Lulua Western PS4 Cover Art Censors Legs & Horses

Mortal Kombat 11’s Jax Ending “Goes Woke”

Vic Mignogna Suing Voice Actors & Funimation for $1 Million

K-Pop Fanboys Get Real Estate Agent Fired

Smash Bros. Ultimate Persona DLC Music “Has an Offensive Slur”

Netflix Demands Movies Stop Being Called “Chick Flicks”

Twitch Streamer Banned for “Blackface” Cosplay

Halo TV Series “May Change Ethnicity of Characters”

Burger King Removes “Racist” Chopsticks Ad

Sword Art Online Alicization Rape Scene Censored Even More on Toonami

Blizzard Supposedly Forbidding “White Power Symbol” Hand Sign

Normal Rambling

Why We Should Stop Fetishizing Privacy

Air Force Commander Standing Trial over Virtual Child Porn

Facebook will let users chat across Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Super Mario Commodore 64 Port Taken Down by Nintendo

Mortal Kombat 11 Review Bombed on Metacritic

Time Magazine: “Fortnite Streamer One of World’s 100 Most Influential People”

Phone Addicts are the New Drunk Drivers

Man Sues Parents for $86,000: “They Threw out My Porn Collection!”

Pirate’s World Trigger Upload Caused “¥2 Billion in Damages”

Disc-less Xbox One S Rumored

Man Caught Wearing Earbuds With a Dead Phone Found Guilty of Distracted Driving

Samsung's Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Fooled By 3D Printer

Does Google meet its users’ expectations around consumer privacy? This news industry research says no

Instagram or Twitter account hacked? Good luck

Google Play Artist Hub shutting down April 30 w/ Google no longer offering direct portal for smaller musicians

Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs

Ban Fortnite? Prince Harry Says Game "Shouldn't Be Allowed"