Google Play Artist Hub shutting down April 30 w/ Google no longer offering direct portal for smaller musicians

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「Last year, YouTube Music became Google’s primary streaming service with the company telegraphing that Play Music will eventually be replaced. Google this month will close the Google Play Artist Hub that musicians use to directly interact with the Play Store. Smaller, indie artists that were not signed by labels could use the Google Play Artist Hub to manage their presence on the Play Store and upload/sell songs. In an email today, Google told these musicians that the Artist Hub is shutting down on April 30th. YouTube Music is cited as the reason by Google.」

So Google is closing yet another existing service in their list of closed services in favor of YouTube Music.

「This portal allowed smaller artists to directly interact with Google to see statistics, and get paid for streams/purchases. Musicians can still sell their content in the Play Store and have content available for streaming in Play Music, but must now sign-up with a third-party distributor to handle that entire process.」

Now musicians are cucked with loss of control, potential revenue, and have to offload their music elsewhere.

「At the end of this month, all existing songs and albums uploaded through the Google Play Artist Hub will “no longer appear in the Google Play Store or Google Play Music service (including the paid streaming and free radio service). ”Artists that would still like to “make [their] music available for purchase/download” have to republish, with Google providing a list of “YouTube partners,” including AWAL, Believe, CD Baby, DistroKid, Stem, and TuneCore.」

All the music ever uploaded will now be forcibly taken down by big tech. Now the artists that uploaded to Play Music will have to deal with the headache of exposing their music elsewhere. Of course, every small artist should be using Bandcamp first then all the other shit later since Bandcamp actually pays the artists unlike streaming services.