Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs

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「Google is trying out a new "Pilot Program" that puts a row of advertisements on the Android TV home screen. XDA Developers was the first to report on the new phenomenon, saying, "We're currently seeing reports that it has shown up in Sony smart TVs, the Mi Box 3 from Xiaomi, NVIDIA Shield TV, and others."」

>On your smart TV
Who in their right mind will want to tolerate this being shoved down their throat

「The advertising is a "Sponsored Channel" part of the "Android TV Core Services" app that ships with all Android TV devices. A "Channel" in Android TV parlance means an entire row of thumbnails in the UI will be dedicated to "sponsored" content. Google provided XDA Developers with a statement saying that yes, this is on purpose, but for now it's a "pilot program."」

So this adware will now ship with all Android Smart TVs to shit your brain unless you take the necessary actions to get rid of it - An additional unnecessary step into freeing your mind. This "pilot program" I have no doubt will soon become a "feature" and be waiting for your patronage.

「Sony has tersely worded a support page detailing the "Sponsored channel," too. There's no mention here of it being a pilot program. Sony's page, titled "A sponsored channel has suddenly appeared on my TV Home menu," says, "This change is included in the latest Android TV Launcher app (Home app) update. The purpose is to help you discover new apps and contents for your TV."」

>To help you discover new apps and contents for your TV
You mean they want to personalize content for you like a filter bubble.

「Buying a product knowing it has ads in it is one thing, but users on Reddit and elsewhere are understandably angry about ads suddenly being patched into their devices—especially in cases when these devices are multi-thousand-dollar 4K Sony televisions. There is an option to disable the ads if you dig into the settings but users are reporting the ads aren't staying disabled. For now, uninstalling updates for the "Android TV Core Services" app is the best way to remove the ads.」

Disabling the ads and uninstalling the update for the app is a bandage solution. Good luck when the time comes that you are forced to be stuck with the ad garbage. Also, there may be a potential possibility that doing either of those actions may break functionality with other apps. Something to think about - Lose the ads or lose functionality. Stick with a dumb TV or use a projector. Continuing to buy and use Smart TVs will continue to enable this capitalistic behavior. Maybe someday you won't be able to use your TV without connecting to the internet.