Blizzard Supposedly Forbidding “White Power Symbol” Hand Sign

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「A fan who managed to get his hand in front of the cameras in the Overwatch League arena was apparently approached by event staff after he made a hand sign considered to be a “white power symbol”, informing him that symbols of white privilege are not allowed in their diverse zone.」

What game company gets offended over a god damn hand gesture and twists it to be a symbol of """white power"""? Blizzard. Truly insane. By the way, read the article for more images and a video.

「The one responsible was apparently not aware of the deep, war-torn history behind the symbol and apologized for his sick deed.」

Supposedly the guy that did the """white power symbol""" hand gesture actually APOLOGIZED about it instead of standing up for himself for this retardation. This guy did not do anything wrong and he should know that. Spineless.