Sword Art Online Alicization Rape Scene Censored Even More on Toonami

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「The Western voice actors for Sword Art Online Alicization had been warning fans about the “triggering” content that was coming in episode 10 of the series, additionally revealing that the episode would be heavily censored, though it turns out the scene was even more censored than the Japanese version provided by streaming sites.

For those uninformed, Sword Art Online Alicization enraged the usual suspects in the West with a rape scene in its 10th episode, with streaming sites censoring the Japanese airing for Western audiences – tweets from the voice actors also warned fans of the upcoming rape scene in episode 10 and also divulged that the scene would be heavily censored.」

Seriously, the attempted """rape scene""" wasn't even that bad. There has been much worse shit in the past that makes this look very tame in comparison. But because of the insanity of leftism - Apparently this censorship is justified because weak-willed people can't handle a rape scene that didn't actually happen.

>SJWs gets mad over attempted rape scene
>Despite it never happening
>Despite Eugeo cutting off the attempted rapist's arm off
>Despite Kirito killing the other attempted rapist
SJWs are so dumb

>Yes, Toonami edited it down A LOT, and we did record the entire scene. From the beginning, we were told exactly what the scene entailed and nothing was dropped on us unexpectedly. A huge thank you to director @alexvondavid for creating a safe environment for the actors. #SAO

>Thank you for creating a safe environment for the actors

Literally what safe environment is there for actors besides the one place they are to be in? The fucking recording studio?

Hilarious comment from SankakuComplex anons:

「So people are getting so fragile now they can’t even act out traumatic scenes in voice only? GoT actors must look at these people like “Bitch please, my character got raped twice and then beheaded.”」
「What the fuck are you talking about? I’m referring to the “safe environment for the actors” bit of her tweet. For fucks sake it’s Voice Acting gig for a heavily censored rape scene in an anime. It’s not like that time Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci sprung the butter rape scene on the actress in Last Tango In Paris. The VAs probably scream way more for all the other horrible things that happen to their characters in animes.」