Foreign resident arrested in Japan for illegally BitTorrent uploading anime

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「A Korean-born pirate living in Japan has been arrested for uploading the first episode of World Trigger to the Internet, with police raising eyebrows by claiming that he caused almost ¥2 billion in monetary damages.

Jun-hyun Li, a Korean-born resident of Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture, has been arrested for illegally uploading an anime episode to a torrent-sharing site. Li’s decision to upload the first episode of 2014 anime World Trigger on September 5th of last year led to a police operation that eventually saw him arrested, with it being discovered that he uploaded a further 176 files and acquired a total download count of 70,000.

Li has said that he improved the quality of the World Trigger episode using video editing software and wanted to share his work with the world.

Astonishingly, police have estimated that the man’s uploading spree led to ¥1.8 billion (slightly over $16 million) in damages. This would mean that each download of the files he shared cost the entertainment industry an average of ¥25,714, or around $230.

Perhaps even more amazingly, the World Trigger episode that Li uploaded (which served as the beginning point for the police investigation) can be watched for free on YouTube courtesy of the animation studio’s official YouTube account (copyright restrictions may apply in some areas).」

Japan is insanely retarded when it comes to piracy. In what way does all of this lead to a perceived 1.8 billion yen loss? Where do they get these numbers from? I'd like to meet the moralfag that was incredibly high when they wrote these figures. They're really going to arrest someone for uploading the first episode of an anime series nearly 5 years ago and has fallen into obscurity? Petty as fuck. Use a VPN or seedbox if you're in Japan because they will seriously try to catch your ass for uploading apparently. Not only that - Its FREE to watch on fucking Youtube. They also need to understand that most people that pirate aren't actually going to buy your shit and that it can even help with sales. Not every download is a 100% lost sale you dumb fucks. Its no wonder why nobody wants to buy anime DVD/BDs in Japan because its all so insanely expensive. Hell the perceived lost amount per file is significantly higher than the DVD/BDs themselves which makes absolutely no sense.