K-Pop Fanboys Get Real Estate Agent Fired

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「Toxic Western fans of K-Pop band BTS got a real estate agent fired after he made a “racist” tweet directed toward the worshiped boy band, perhaps once again demonstrating why rabid K-Pop fanboys are so despised.

The “controversy” began after the group’s performance on Saturday Night Live, where Variety TV editor Brian Steinberg made a tweet (which is now deleted) that upset fans of the boy band.

It was another comment, however, (also now deleted, and the person who wrote it also closed his account) that drew the fanboys to action due to its “racist” nature.」

Lmao, got em! :dab:

「So horrid and offending were his words that one obsessed fan sought to regain BTS’s honor by finding out that the “evildoer” was affiliated with Highline Residential, a real estate firm in New York City (the fan then deleted the tweet to dodge any potential blame).」

Of course the fun has to end and some angry asshole has to dox the guy.

「After exposing this information, another determined fan sent Highline Residential an email informing them of the supposed racist’s inexcusable act.

Highline Residential ended up kowtowing to the complaining fanboys, cutting ties with the real estate agent.

Highline Residential’s CEO even offered an apology:

According to the real estate firm’s website and the remark of one individual, the real estate agent indeed seems to have been removed.

It doesn’t seem like the bloodthirsty fans are stopping anytime soon though, as many are still hungry for Brian Steinberg’s firing.」

*sigh* These Twitter fuckers that have nothing better to do than to complain about fake issues. This one in particular ended up resulting in the a loss of a job to someone. They STILL want to condemn him even after he lost his job over a petty comment. And of course the company will bend to the SJWs to make themselves look like they're doing something 'good'. Better be careful what you post on social media with your real name and with your employer knowing who you are or else you will end up like this guy.