Smash Bros. Ultimate Persona DLC Music “Has an Offensive Slur”

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「A certain despised news source has reported that the Persona 5 DLC recently added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains a music track that has the singer saying the word “retarded”, a sentiment that many people are disagreeing with.

The free 3.0 version update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added a myriad of content, along with a number of musical tracks from Persona 5, though one writer has claimed that one of the songs softly says the word “retarded” – the specific part of the 2+ year old song in question (around 1:50):

It seems the journalist however could not confirm their own facts.

The writer concluded by explaining how use of the word is offensive and that such language is not befitting of Nintendo’s “family friendly image”, lack of proof has caused many to criticize the article, with many believing that the singer is saying “retort it” or “retarget” or something similar (one person also mentioned that the particular part in the song is also heavily improvised).」

Wow this is quality journalism !!?! And then the writer goes off to write more un-related jibberish and causing the keyboard warriors to go off in retaliation. Having never went to Kotaku myself but I hear nothing but bad things.