Time Magazine: “Fortnite Streamer One of World’s 100 Most Influential People”

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「A man who streams himself playing video games has been declared as one of the most influential people in the world by legacy media giant Time Magazine.

Time Magazine has declared Fortnite streamer Ninja to be one of the most influential people in the world, joining such figures as Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and the Pope. Ninja has been designated as a “pioneer”.」

It seems that we have reached shockingly high 'intelligence' levels! Who would have thought that a guy that sits down and plays video games can be as influential as people that actually did *something*!

「The blue-haired streamer’s massive following amongst people who like video games but are too lazy to play them (around 14 million, slightly less than the population of the Netherlands) was evidently enough to inspire American football player Juju Smith-Schuster, who nominated him for the honor of being on Time’s extremely woke list of influential people:

I play in the NFL, so you’d think I wouldn’t be star-struck much. But last March, when I—along with Drake and Travis Scott—got in a Fortnite game with Ninja for the first time, I was at a complete loss for words! I was among the millions of people all across the world who had been watching Ninja (real name: Tyler Blevins) play Fortnite, the popular video game, every day for months. He was the unquestioned best in the world at his craft, something I had so much respect for both as an athlete and as a fan. Now, he was single-handedly blending gaming and pop culture.

I’ve been a huge video-game fanatic my whole life. But people have seen it as childish and a waste of time. Ninja was huge in building up the credibility of e-sports. At the end of the day, Ninja is an absolute legend, and someone to whom we owe a lot for making gaming what it is today.」

Then I guess I will have to be that guy and say yes - Watching other people play video games *everyday* is a pretty big waste of time that could have been spent doing things more productive. Sure its entertaining but I would say thats not a very good use of time but thats just me. But hey - look at me analyzing articles and writing about them haha. Also probably anyone can get better at playing video games if they try.