Mortal Kombat 11’s Jax Ending “Goes Woke”

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「Those that still believe Mortal Kombat 11 isn’t trying to push the gaming industry’s grotesque narrative may finally be convinced by the ending for beloved character Jax, as it seemingly discards the fighter’s established past in order to make him a “valiant soldier” forcing people to “go woke”.

A video of Jax’s ending, hit with a massive bombardment of downvotes as the fighter decides to change the future and make his people kings.」

Fuck Jax's character because apparently the color of his skin and politics is what matters here. Quite a big disappointment for Mortal Kombat fans who expected a much better ending even though apparently the endings in previous games of the series were so-so.

From a tweet in the Twitter video link:

「I keep seeing the replies on this, and here's what blows my mind: There are people that think that because you dislike this ending, it means you fucking *support slavery* and hate the idea of it being stopped... I don't know how these people make these leaps in logic, don't wanna.」

The reason why I mention this tweet is because, unfortunately, there are people brainwashed by leftism that actually think like this. You can dislike the ending because it definitely doesn't fit Jax or the game but to automatically assume that those that disliked the ending are supporting slavery is quite a twisted thought.

「Previously, Mortal Kombat 11 came under heavy criticism due to the highly covered-up designs of its many female fighters, though it seems the once beloved fighting game franchise has now been reduced to preaching about the importance of diversity and other one-sided racial commentary.」

I will write about the censorship of female clothing designs in a later rambling article.