Usual Suspects Already Demanding P5R Censorship

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「Perhaps inevitably, there have already been demands from the usual toxic sites to remove “problematic” content from Persona 5: The Royal, months before its release.

Sex-negative elements of the regressive left are already expressing a desire to purge elements of Persona 5: The Royal which may be incompatible with the mores of wealthy white Americans, despite the fact that the game has not even been released yet.

A thread on hard-left political forum ResetEra named “Should Persona 5 Royal Remove The Problematic Stuff In This New Version?” came to the conclusion that the game should remove characters deemed “homophobic” as well as also purge elements such as Ann’s sexuality and references to student-teacher relationships. Most of the criticism of the opening question revolved around whether it needed to be asked at all.」

It seems that all the SJWs are gathered up all on one thread with pretty much everybody agreeing that Atlus should remove the things that they don't like.

「Kasumi’s unclothed thighs seem to have come in for particular opprobrium, with “fans” decrying the idea of a gymnast with bare thighs and already posting “improved” versions.」

There is something wrong if the first thought that comes to these peoples' minds is that they have to twist game characters, writing style of the game, and change the character design of the female character to fit their agenda. Okay so what is wrong with having gay characters in the game? Are they actually protrayed as child predators or is that what the SJWs think? Even so, its just fiction. How exactly is Ann sexually objectified and why does it matter anyway? Oh wow another incident about barely legs being censored? If bare legs is sexual to you then there is something wrong with your line of thinking. And apparently Ann is a gymnast which actually makes sense for her to have that leotard. Why can't these SJWs just let the creators and actual fans play the game as they want it to be? Quit. Destroying. Games. Hopefully Atlas does not go under pressure and conform to their delusions.

One comment from SankakuComplex:

「Pathetic. More clear cases people aren’t relevant enough to the world that they project as hard as possible.

As a bisexual man and a British citizen where the legal age is 16, I’d like to say the first commenter needs to fuck off. Those two gay guys were funny as fuck.

If our voices were just as loud, could we call for people like this to shut up? If they can get their way by crying and moaning, is it not possible that those who have had enough of their attitudes can also respond in kind?

This sort of shit takes away from artistic freedom. For a country so embroiled in “free speech” Americans sure like to use that free speech to halt other peoples freedoms.

The sheer ignorance here is staggering and I only hope Atlus releases the game uncensored just to stick it to stuck up simpletons like these.」