Super Mario Commodore 64 Port Taken Down by Nintendo

Warning: NSFW site - SankakuComplex link - Direct link - Archive link

「The awe-inspiring Commodore 64 port of the original Super Mario Bros. that was painstakingly crafted by a single person over the course of 7 years was predictably ousted from the Internet by Nintendo, as they tend to do with most Nintendo-themed fan creations.

The Commodore 64 port, which clearly threatened to topple the very foundation of Nintendo’s most prominent and recognized franchise, was finally unleashed after being in development for over 7 years, but links to the port were quickly vanishing and many suspected Nintendo to be behind it.

A tweet from one such site that had the port available for download:

Good times. Due to a DMCA takedown notice we had to remove the Super Mario Bros 64 download from our website blog post from 4 days ago. Hopefully everyone enjoys the Commodore 64 game who was able to snag it.」

Of fucking course Nintendo will take down a port made by a single person that took 7 YEARS for an incredibly obscure computer that hardly anyone even has anymore. They simply will not take this as free advertising and have to shoot it down so quickly. If they can't provide a means to play old nostalgic games then fuck them - Thats the reason why ROM sites are popular because people want to play old games. If you take those old games away then theres no fucking legal way to play them anymore. Fuck Nintendo.