Minecraft Creator Notch Banned from Event for Political Statements

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「Notch, the fabled creator of worshiped sandbox game Minecraft, has been banned from attending the franchise’s special 10th-anniversary event, with Microsoft claiming the reason to – unsurprisingly – be due to him daring to say that “it’s ok to be white”.

According to a spokesman from Microsoft, Notch’s “comments and opinions do not reflect those of Microsoft or Mojang and are not representative of Minecraft” – Marcus “Notch” Persson sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion back in 2014.

Notch had become a target via his Twitter account as he had been making statements not aligned with the gaming industry’s political snowflake narrative, such as “it’s ok to be white” – comments that toxic websites and individuals label as “transphobic”.

Last month saw to the creator’s name being removed from the occasional popup text on Minecraft’s loading screen, likely to be followed by the usual hateful mobs attempting to unperson his very being.」

Lol so why exactly is Microsoft going SJW now? It seems that they took the chance to push Notch out of the picture when it comes to Minecraft. Literally what is wrong with being white or any skin color? Why is this even a thing? What is wrong with people that are actually offended by this? Are people actually thinking that being caucasian is not okay? WE DID NOT CHOOSE WHAT SKIN COLOR WE ARE BORN WITH - YOU CAN'T JUST RANDOMLY POINT FINGERS AT PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR - THAT IS RACISM IN ITSELF. What if a caucasian person is in poverty? Does that mean that black/asian/whatever people with financial stability are still less privileged than him? NO! That is an absurd and dangerous line of thought.

Two additional tweets from Notch that are possibly related:

「Privilege is a made up metric used to silence and repress. We are all different, and that is ok. We listen to individuals and help each other based on individual strengths and needs.

We do not generalize based on skin color, bigot.」

「(protip: believing in race based privilege needing to be checked fits the literal definition of racism)」

This is neither white supremacist or transphobic - if anything it is actually positive in nature - but instead we get SJWs that take this statement and twist it out of context and misrepresent it.

Some supplementary insightful comments courtesy of Slashdot:

「[glances briefly at TFA, sees exactly what I expected/feared to see]

Actually, you know, I think this really calls for some Netherrack cross burning. Maybe with some custom skins. Nothing actually racist but framed in such a way to, you know, draw attention to the fact that Microsoft believes that it's absolutely not ok to ever say "it's ok to be a white person."

Has MS done any takedowns on fanmade Minecraft videos yet? Well there's one way to find out. You'd just need to be sure to spell out the irony on signs nearby so there's no mistaking it for any sort of actual KKK sympathy. I dunno, though... liberals have become so tone-deaf about irony and satire and the alt-right has got so good at trolling that on certain topics I'm not sure it's possible (i.e. permissible) to use anything other than blunt literalisms.

Hmnm. Burning bookcases, perhaps? Well, to be fair they're not actually censoring anyone right now, but maybe it's a thought if they did start doing video takedowns. Man I wish I had the energy to do something like this. (But speaking of burned, I'm just too burnt out myself. Exhausted from the constant enjoyment re: all of this glorious white privilege, I guess.)

It's just so fucking stupid. Notch was completely right on that point. Privilege in its most common formulation IS a dumb and made-up metric. It should be called "potential privilege", which isn't at all the same as actualized privilege. I've been somewhere between poor and dirt poor my entire life, but because I'm white (with a little native American mixed in, but not enough), that means that some spoiled black millionaire brats at Yale have less privilege than I do. It's absurd on its face, and it's a fucking joke, it is a ridiculous oke that is actually turning the entire left wing of this country into a joke that actually saying any of this out loud can now be equated with white supremacy.

I haven't stumbled on the details of his "transphobic" comment yet. Maybe he said he didn't quite like the idea of injecting hormones of the opposite gender into healthy 12 year olds just because they say they want it? Maybe he said that *biologically speaking* there were only two genders (plus intersex, I would hasten to add.)? Man, I'm giddy with anticipation.

This is such a waste of... everything. I just want the left to grow the fuck up already. I AM a leftist. (I even recently made a lengthy post on /. recently about the time I spent the night with a transsexual person. (FTM, preop/post-T.))

Do you have any idea how disheartening it is to look around and see that most of the Jon Stewarts and Sam Harrises of this generation are right wing? How the hell did this happen? How can it be it that anyone in their right mind thinks that the proper reaction to the 2016 election is to double down on this particularly humorless, ironyless, anti-intellectual flavor of political correctness?


Re:You're a dumb shit
「Oh seriously go fuck yourself. The statics make it plain that there is no privilege to being a white male. There might be privilege in being born into a not-broken home and having certain educational opportunities as a youngster those are purely economic privileges. Past racism might to some degree confer better odds of you being born into that economic strata if you are white but it isnt exclusive. Past that your skin color does NOTHING for you now. if anything it means you will be discriminated against. Even if you are best performer 'affirmative action' means someone else might get your spot if you happen to be white.

Racism is racism is racism. If you let skin color inform your decision about something other say medical diagnostics where certain groups tend to have heritable genetic conditions your are probably a racist. And yes that includes people designing and running diversity programs. The social science pretty well shows prejudice and racism hurt organizations but diversity for its own sake does not help. The reasons for doing it have to with either guilt and self hated -or- intentionally divisive crap offered up by pols to buy voting blocks.

Honestly people like you are why we can't be a tribe of "Americans" and instead still run around hung up on what color everyone is. Once again F-YOU」

It's upsetting that I HAVE to check what was said.
「I learned a long time ago to try to dig in to stories and be a least a little cautious in treating a story at face value. That doesn't mean everything is "fake news", it just means journalists aren't always very reliable.

But these days I've found that whenever someone is said to be "a racist" or "a sexist" when I look for the actual quote, it's only racist about 50% of the time. Even that is sometimes questionable since you don't know the context. The other 50% it's just outright not racist, and either blown up by the media, or blown up by idiots on twitter or both. This case is the latter, not the former.

20 years ago I didn't have to do that. Media stories about racism were by and large about people that were actually being racist.