M3-43 Loot

Album loot pictures for the M3-43 event that happened on 2019.04.28 in Japan. Please visit my M3-43 Buylist article for more information on the albums and to listen to previews.

Albums are named from top left to bottom right with format: Circle - Album Title

Bought florere album quite late from aterne's BOOTH page. Great album also! Managed to get Digital Logics - Ginger / True Hearts from Surugaya which my proxy had missed getting at the event because it had sold out by the time he got it. It appeared a lot faster online than I was expecting it to be since it is an event exclusive. I am probably the first person to be able to snatch it from Surugaya haha.

aeterne - florere

Digital Logics - Ginger / True Hearts

I have received the classic beloved Nate crate. Inside it contains... 100 copies of Diverse System - works.9 !!! Wew I would be flaming mad if that was the case. It just turns out that Nate is reusing a good box that he got from Diverse System that was intended to hold 100 copies of works.9 for the event. Kinda kool that I got the box haha.

Image 1

VIVIDWAVE — minority room EP

ビターショコラ抹茶ラテ — スワロウテイル

Conures — イントロダクション オブ 和製ハウス Vol.8

S.S.I.works — ネガイと、マホウと。

Losstime Life — flavor

Blatantly Emotional Records — Farout

glitch@SoundStudio — Battleground

ステラテラル — stella*philia

Blatantly Emotional Records — π4/QPSK

Nextlight — MAGiA

あるか&Limpid — Trois Reccetts

X enc'ount — Psyency Sorcerer

Nextlight — RENOVATION

Nextlight — NEXTLIGHT 02

pastelcriim — Pastel Melody

Shion Sakamoto — mado

Astral Villa — Celestial Strife

??? — 花咲く季節、夜空を仰ぐ

dropnote — ever after


IHCIKADAS — Make Your Colors

Someone's Satellite — As a Human

Hardcore Armament Reloaded — Hardcore Armament Reloaded Vol.IV


Nate managed to get Someone's Satellite — As a Human but damn I am really disappointed that TranciA was sold out. Luckily it got uploaded but obviously I want my hands on the physical album itself. It has two amazing Trance songs.

I'm glad to have gotten probably my 2nd most anticipiated album - Shion Sakamoto — mado. Sounds like it has some really good Progressive House and chill songs.

Image 2

夕暮アトリエ — Atelier Tunes vol.1

Artificial World Records — Artificial World Records Spring 2019

Artificial World Records — Khaosnet Civilization 2

SQUARE Pixel — Dear,Campanella


The Green Ghosts — The Seasides

input-instrument — POLLUTION EP

Wonder Sky — Twilight

Berry*Records — VERY*BERRY!!#02

Berry*Records — VERY*BERRY!!#05

Emotional Addict — Code:Gerbera

Cielmaginal — Le rêve secret


Cosmo Burst!! — TRACE OF TRANCE

アリアリのゴーメン — e-vacillation

Anti-Aging Records — Cocktails

Citrus Tones — Citrus Tones vol.2

Studio Cantabile — Study Report Vol.2 -Botanical Fanfare-

しっぽ置き場 — Border -sippo2nd-

4nzuTekRecords — NERDTEX REFLASH

中村さんそ — 中村さんそにもう夢中

魚座とアシンメトリー — パステルノートの共振現象

7bridges — Colorful Palette : Yellow

caffeine REcords — Seraphic Cage

Ange;art finally reselling some old VERY*BERRY albums. I needed #02, #04, #05. Sadly #04 wasn't reprinted or maybe it sold out. Thats the only one I am missing left for the circle.

Image 3

Astrax Sound — Renée

無責任レコーズ — SamplogistZ

ANTIGENOME — After Human / Beyound Human

赤虎団 — The High Voltage

??? - ???

milkyway TRAXX — Super Crunch Bros

Sugar Tea Time — 夏味シロップ

Aine Acoustics — Life is Kinetics

Film Records — Mind Set

Magicaliny — collections KUWAGATA

Desperado's Records — Desperado's Records Vol.4 ''Globe Master''


Java Sparrow Music!! — VALIANT EP

過剰摂取 — 過剰摂取#4

Film Records — Art Work

アタリメ — Sweet Serenade

慧陽 — Only U e.p.

Peaceable Records — Lifelog

tobitobiBURGER — dimly


Euphony* — ツキアカリ*スカーレット.1 Be With You

MUZZicianz Records — Happy POP Hardcore Future 4th [MUZZ-082]

Mejiro Records — Days


TAWAWARA had a limited DL code taped to the album. It was due to expire in 10 days when I got the package. DL cards and codes with a very limited time frame are the worst. I would not have made it in time if I was not in Japan.

Image 4

Degistalgia & ミノソン探偵事務所 — ピアノの音色に包まれて

curled-coil — HANABIRA

Cyber Illusion — RISE

Retropolitaliens — Rebuilding

Lune Tear — A Frozen World

Cardboard Box Records — -leaving EP-

Hello Tools — Stella Storia

Hello Tools — Farewe||:


VC FOX — Library of memory EP

まもも家 — From the New World / 新世界より

Mihequi.Quon — マホウテクノロジー

Lostalgic Recordings — Following

As Like Music — Evangelist

As Like Music — Energy Cat

SQUARE Pixel — Dear,Campanella

Lost Garden — MOMENT -blessing-

Lolistyle GabberS — Final Destination

I am still pretty pissed off that I missed my chance to buy As Like Music - Transitory. This is why DL cards must fucking die! You miss the chance to get it then you lose it forever! With a CD theres atleast a chance of it being sold 2nd hand again - You can't really resell a DL card. *sigh*

Image 5

haccadrop*miente — Blooming

haccadrop*miente QR Code Card

Seiji Takahashi — soar [str011]

VRC布教コンピ (DL Card)

Tokyo Future Music Information Sheet

Mihequi.Quon Information Sheet

gunter10 Records — Remembrance (DL Card)

Lonouc — Zerunone (DL Card)

Blatantly Emotional Records — Vestiges (DL Card Exclusive Bonus)

Delorean — Japanese Hardcore Session Vol.1 (DL Card)

ARForest Sticker

Mihequi.Quon Information Sheet w/ Envelope

ビターショコラ抹茶ラテ / のへ Business Card

Java Sparrow Music!! / hu-zin Business Card

SQUARE Pixel / Ichinose LUPO x ION Business Card

Mejiro / Mejiro Business Card

中村さんそ Business Card

Nanao Business Card

Fucking shintaro making another DL card again. Wheres my CD.

Image 6

RJT Music Parka (Size Medium)

Film Records Information Sheet

ANTIGENOME Small String Bag

Parka is thicc

Albums ordered via Diverse Direct.

Image 7

Vocis Helix - Vocis Helix

Loquartz - EVERYTOON!!

C.H.S - 画竜顕現エトセトラ

RJT Music - Campaign for Real J-Trance Vol.10

Shinkai waveS Records - Cocktail DanceFloor

Limonène - Evergreen


Hommarju - Colorful World

HARDCORE TANO*C - Satellite Queen

Massive CircleZ - Revolution BeatZ 2nd tune

Lilium Records - Lilium X6

On Prism Records - iceQuarium

djgenki.net - Princess of Trance Deluxe

アンスリウム東京 - バーチャル開花最前線!/Fragment

Diverse System - AD:TRANCE REMIXES 2

Diverse System - VIOLET - MAYA AKAI Best Album

Diverse System - works.9


Lite Show Magic - juiCy fruiTs

Binzokomegane Girls Union - ROCKIN' SOUL IS NEVER DIE.


ARForest - Frost Era

RTTF Records - Speed Star 5

Lilium Records - ORIENT

Image 8

Yoohsic Roomz - Lethal Weapon

Sprite:Wall - WE MAKE POP: 2018

Riparia Records - Retroflavored

3t1a.net - #D3V1L

Login Records - We Are Gensou Bangers Vol.2

K@keru Records - CUTiE?

BlackY's BEATFLOOR - Feel 7th Emotion

Masamune - Psychic Formers 2

Next Reflection - Sparkling Day! EP

Tanchiky.com - POWER

Illegal wave Records - PROPHET OF DOOM

Japanese Stream Hardcore - Japanese Stream Hardcore X


PHOTOSPHERE - the Core Mechanism

Endorfin. - LOST-IDEA


Extended-stay Records - Popism

Asnetic - A Mysterious Journey

ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - Dream Makers


compllege - In the Usual Motion

Emoism Records - UNSHAKABLE

Holtunes - LANTANA

Chromesphere Records - Binary Star EP

Image 9

On Prism Records - Prhythmatic Drum'n'bass

JK Sound Lab. - Spring comes around

Emoism Records - Shake The Future! EP

toyKasket - Vél

Diverse System - Breaks Challenge

鋼鉄音源 - Interlude:ideal

Shattermind Recordings - Sunbeams

Unitone - Synergy

MisoilePunch♪ - Connect Feeling

みかん汁ふりかけ - フォースピース

ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - Farbe.

Crown Records - Stigmata

SILENTRM.NET - Rainbow Frontier

sakuzyo.com - CRYSTAR - クライスタ- Sakuzyo Complete Soundtrack

callasoiled - 異

space. - close to you

AlphaVersion Records - WIRED WAVED

callasoiled - Ly

Diverse System - BADASS絶叫爆音上映4DX OST

Diverse System - works. sticky notes