Surugaya and Miscellenous Loot 2

Purpose: To show off buyfag donjon music ordered via mostly Surugaya which is pretty much the best store to buy 2nd hand doujin music. They also sell a lot of otaku goods in general. Will also occasionally buy 2nd hand from elsewhere as well.

Albums are named from top left to bottom right with format: Circle - Album Title

2019.10.17: Surugaya international shipping is great! Of course the shipping fees hurt but thats the price to pay for it. For an order of 30 CDs they shipped the package out just 2 days later and another 5 days for actual shipping. Under ideal conditions, it seems that you will be able to get your package in roughly a week. Unironically, Surugaya international is a lot faster at shipping packages out than Surugaya domestic is for now. Can't complain about that.

I don't even know anything about the circle Rolando. It appears to be an ancient circle that has been around since nearly the beginning of the doujin music scene at around 1998. Quite a bit of their albums was in stock for very cheap so I decided to take a gamble. I'm sure there is atleast some good songs in some of their albums. Although ばんばんしー's music sounds very samey it is of excellent quality. I caved in and decided to try to collect his older discography that seems difficult to find. Collecting the rest of Allium Project and Taishi. Myriad Chords seems like a pretty obscure circle thats hardly talked about at all or has some missing CD rips. Curious how they sound. Collecting the rest of curled-coil CD discography that happened to be available. I've bought from Double Orbit before but I think this is the first time I have seen Double Orbit 2014 available from Surugaya. I never knew it was a thing and my friend told me that their website is messed up and you can't really find information on it anymore. Still need to get Double Orbit's and Spielraum's very old albums which seem to be very rare at this point. I think my friend has them but I'm not really sure if hes willing to give them to me or upload at all anymore. Finally some ZANEEDS albums that I needed have appeared! Besides the album Viet-Viet-Vietnam! which seems pretty much impossible to get; I just need ZANEEDS #XX & ZANEEDS #SG. Luckily I have a friend that happens to have ZANEEDS #SG and is willing to sell it to me so thats no problem. #XX will appear sooner or later so I'm not all that worried about that one. Collecting more of the Altanaphixx albums. Caved in and am buying the Touhou albums of pastyle. I think I have finally collected the last of all of colate's physical albums with cup of stars. The copy I got was actually still mint with the plastic wrap on it which was pretty nice. Haven't really bought Far East Dystopia from past events since their albums are only on TANO*C STORE unless something has changed. Decided to buy more old BLACKHEART albums. Collected more of Iemitsu's earlier albums, Sound Ave., callasoiled, and Levo Lution. Rebuild the path:Catalinaosy seems like an obscure album but has some artists that I recognize such as M-Project.

Rolando - ApplePie

Rolando - Earth Light


Rolando - Seraphic Lawsuit

Rolando - Pudding a la mode

Rolando - 涼宮ハルカの永遠 -恋のハルカ伝説-

Rolando - Gateau Chocolat

Rolando - Phoenix Bless

ばんばんしー - この桜舞う青空の下で

ばんばんしー - 恋色の空を舞う君へ

Allium Project - Stir up club edition V3 diaphanser

Allium Project - Stir up club edition V3 diaphanser DUB EDITION

Myriad Chords - Raumzeit

Myriad Chords - Illumina

curled-coil - fribble

curled-coil - nightblooming

curled-coil - antique clock

Double Orbit - Double Orbit 2014

ZANEEDS - レンジオブデスティニー


Altanaphixx - Gimmick of love - Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE # 01

pastyle - Vivid Step

ショコラスムージー - cup of stars

Far East Dystopia - Straight From Far-Eastside

BLACKHEART - Princess and Potter's Field.

Iemitsu.Productions - IA-STYLE/SUGURI

Sound Ave. - HERO AND HEROINES プリンセスうぃっちぃずアレンジトラック

おかのうえ - Rebuild the path:Catalinaosy

callasoiled - 亜

Levo Lution - Skyrise

2019.10.12: Been a while since I've ordered anything from Surugaya due to being on vacation with my family and getting settled into my new workplace. Thankfully Surugaya decided to release an international version of their site which ships to many countries including the US so there is no longer a need to use a proxy or forwarder to buy from them. This saves me a lot of money on fees!

Finally collected one of the rare CDs from YTR Records and I remember one of my friends keep saying that its much better than Alquimia 1. Will have to give it a listen again. I got the other two albums from Fluid Stance so I might as well get the rest (Which is just one more album anyway). Hope its good. pastyle released 4 different Quad Nights albums with 2 songs over the span of 4 different COMITIA events which is weird because COMITIA is more for art and illustrations than music. He took advantage of having some artbooks to sell so he sold some of his music as well lol. All 4 Quad Night albums were released at the event only which makes it really hard to collect all four. Luckily I have managed to collect all 4 event only albums! Later pastyle decided to put all the songs together into 1 album named QUAD Nights [code: XXXX] which is now widely sold at the M3/Comiket events and in online stores which makes trying to collect the 4 individual albums pointless except for completionist/collection purposes and bragging rights. Continuing to collect the Tribullets albums. Finally collected all of the QUADROPHENIA albums which I am happy about. QUADROPHENIA is now one of my top circles of all times for its thoughtful and well-produced electronica which makes me relisten to their songs over and over. It is a shame that they have disbanded and stopped making music long ago.

YTR RECORDS - Alquimia 2

Fluid Stance - Isolated Times

pastyle - Quad Nights [code: Sapphire]


Tribullets - OVERBLAST !!