Surugaya and Miscellenous Loot

Purpose: To show off buyfag donjon music ordered via mostly Surugaya which is pretty much the best store to buy 2nd hand doujin music. They also sell a lot of otaku goods in general. Will also occasionally buy 2nd hand from elsewhere as well.

Albums are named from top left to bottom right with format: Circle - Album Title

2019.06.26: 60 albums. A little bit more pricier than usual due to higher valued albums. Definitely lots of Trance grabs here (Levo Lution, Altanaphixx, AK-UNIT). I'm pretty much almost done collecting Blasterhead p*re:pray, COMMAND 770, & 期、少女病 MSIST2 -Lyrical pop World’s end- Image Soundtracks2. Got pretty interested in the circle Flow and Stagnation for the techno (and not for the naked anime girls mind you). Some pretty rare albums from Chiptune circle with chink moonrunes popped and now I have collected all of ああ…翡翠茶漬け…. I'll probably start collecting more of LINEAR soon. Astraia Records has Kenichi Chiba for dat House so grab. Some minor J-Core goods. Added one more to my Silly Walker collection. Almost done with that mostly waiting for the non-Touhou stuff to appear now. Collected fines EP to dat fine s10rw circle. Etc. etc. I actually tried to group shit together this time.

Image 1

Blasterhead - p*re:pray

Blasterhead - COMMAND 770

Flow and Stagnation - Fact and Resolution

Flow and Stagnation - Mind and Hiding

Flow and Stagnation - Skim and Intention

Flow and Stagnation - Resolve and Vanishing

Altanaphixx - turbulent tuneD

Altanaphixx - TOKYO Re:modelleD -Altanaphixx OpusXtra06-

Altanaphixx - Inverted Illusion -Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #02-

Altanaphixx - Altanaphixx OpusXtra04 fleuolight

Altanaphixx - CITORIGNE -Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #05-

Altanaphixx - OpusXtra03:evolocasys

Altanaphixx - Rouges

Altanaphixx - everclusion Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #03

Altanaphixx - LOVE IMITATION Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #06

ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - マジカル・キャンバス

ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - 囲碁EP -White Side-

ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - 囲碁EP -Black Side-

Levo Lution - Overdrive

Levo Lution - Photon

Levo Lution - Rev

Eyeks Records - lost world

Eyeks Records - anteDoze

toyKasket - GIRAFFE

Image 2

Astraia records - Star Maiden

AK-UNIT - 月華 -featuring Leaf-

AlphaVersion Records - Desire Dogma

Prismatic Music - Prismatic Music Vol.2

Age of Beginning - Crossing Sequence 2

Blasterhead - 末期、少女病 MSIST2 -Lyrical pop World’s end- Image Soundtracks2



LINEAR - Linear compilation disc01

AK-UNIT - brilliant flowers

Astraia records - Star Maiden C80 Astraia records bonus CD

P.S.C. - What’s J-CORE?

Levo Lution - Tranquilize

Levo Lution - Reconstructor

Levo Lution - SubZero

Levo Lution - Earthlight

Levo Lution - CLSADE

Levo Lution - PHOBOS

Altanaphixx - Opus V-I Re:teqnika/externalize

Altanaphixx - Altanaphixx OpusXtra02 traces to Destination

Astraia records - セツナインタラクション

LiLAC Records - Heavenly Beats

Re-Endz.Recordingz - Hardcore Basslinerz Re:Birth

Cis-Trance - 200%東方カーニバル

Image 3

Pastyle x IZMIZM - Chiasma


虹乃音堂 - unlimited musical works-終わらない楽宴-

SERVANT KLANGZ - Hardcore Bullet 2

Altanaphixx - OpusXtra05 WORLDS

Altanaphixx - tranquilize tuneD

Altanaphixx - Opus III:【es】excellence scape

Altanaphixx - Spectrum Cruise

Silly Walker - きみのたまなら死ねる

Image 4

Altanaphixx - LOVESTRACT

s10rw - fines EP

AVSS - Privilege Of Intersect Fractional.

2019.06.25: 24 albums. I have FINALLY received a package from a personal friend. It took over 3 months for this bitch to be delivered. My friend and I thought the package was just lost which would have made me very upset because it had a lot of rare shit I wouldn't be able to get my hands on otherwise. Hes a fellow doujin music collector with a focus on the older stuff (early to mid 2000s). If you look at some of my other loot you'll notice that I already have a few of these albums. I thought that the package was going to be lost so I bought some of them from Surugaya and then this package came lol. Sad to have duplicates but oh well. Rare albums from Seraphina Recordings, Phonotaxis, Wahhei Records, S.C.X, callasoiled, L.E.N. Records, 3x6, Prosciutto and one more.

I originally bought albums from my friend because I knew that he had a lot of old stuff that I knew that he has. He doesn't really actually care about having albums physically - He just wants lossless rips of whatever he can get his hands on. He lives in a country where he doesn't earn much money from his job I think. He spends a lot of his money to seek rips of old doujin music which gets expensive for him very quickly which is pretty respectable in its own kind of way. Me buying albums from him would help him out a lot and he had a lot that I was interested in so it was a win-win. One album that I was especially interested in was WAS Records - Quartz. That album is one of the rarest that I have ever gotten my hands on. I remember occasionally searching for WAS Records on Surugaya and one day Quartz was listed but was already sold. Not sure who bought it but that is one lucky motherfucker. My friend found another copy being sold on Yahoo Auctions so he managed to snatch it from there. Thanatos is a fantastic artist for Hard Trance and this is something that I could never miss out on. The album Quartz is as great as I hope it would be and demonstrates the early works of Thanatos when he first started producing. Most of the rare albums I have acquired aren't really good except for a few songs so this one is a diamond in comparison. Not even one prolific collector I know of has it but he has the other very rare album Heavenward. I was thinking...If he doesn't have a rip of Quartz then I should trade my rip of Quartz for his rip of Heavenward. I am so glad that I contacted that collector now since my friend, me, and him all benefitted from this. The album Heavenward is even better than Quartz! It has some absolutely killer Hard Trance that really hits the spot. It is sad that it is pretty much impossible to get because it has never showed up online that I know of. It is not even listed on Surugaya. The collector sold his copy of Heavenward several years ago to someone wanting to buy it. The collector actually found the buyer's email address and contacted him on my behalf which was really nice of him! Days later he got a reply from the buyer but it was really weirdly formatted and worded. He was not selling it without a trade of some rare albums he was looking for. I had two of those rare albums that he was looking for (One being Quartz) but I didn't deem it worth trading either. I'm happy with having a rip of it atleast but damn would I be happy to ever find a physical copy on sale online somewhere.

Seraphina Recordings - GALAXY

dat file records - Flat World

Phonotaxis - phonograin

Phonotaxis - Phonojourney

Phonotaxis - Phonocrawl

Phonotaxis - Phonogenic

Wahhei Records - Orbis 2

S.C.X - Reactant -CT Remix Works Vol.2-

callasoiled - Lucoq HD

callasoiled - Reflected in Cloud

callasoiled - Irreversible + Lucoq HD (作りかけ)

I.N.T - Floating Point

Obscure Music Team - SYMMETRIC

Prosciutto - Light Magic - EP

Iemitsu.Productions - Love*2 - SI-STYLE/J1

Unitone - Apolo E.P.

L.E.N.Records - DoJin Trance

WAS Records - Quartz

Subroc Recordings - OUT OF CHOICE

Subroc Recordings - OUT OF CHOICE (Alternate jacket edition)

Subroc Recordings - THE BOLT

Obscure Music Team - Resurrection

Obscure Music Team - Zeal

I.N.T - Double Precision

2019.06.20: 20 albums. This time I decided to buy 19 albums from Yahoo Auctions from one guy that always seems to be selling doujin music albums. I have finished my Digital Logics collection thus far with the additions of VERNAL HUES & Aurorise EP. I have warmed up to Touhou quite a bit and decided to try to buy most of 村瀬悠太's discography which seems to be mostly House. Grabbed some old Obscure Music Team albums with syatten and siromaru on it. Bought the last floater-io album I needed in lossless. Most grabbed AK-UNIT - knockin' at trance since it has DJ-Technetium. Don't think I've really ever heard a Trance song from him so that would be interesting to listen to. Timeless, Warriors, & RockRiverRecords had some noticeable artists so random grab. One more to add to Happy Forest collection. 虹乃音堂 - White and Blue seemed like a pretty rare album and had Lix so I added that.

One album from Surugaya that had to be ordered immediately or else it would be stolen >:( I was taking a nap and got back to my computer and my friend PM'd me on Discord about an album from Surugaya. A rare album named S.C.X - Music Explorer had appeared for only 1.4k yen. He said that this is only the 2nd time it has appeared since he had started tracking it years ago. He and I have an eye on Clean Tear's earliest albums in his discography since it is not publicly available anywhere. He is asking if I will buy it because he doesn't care to buy it physically and just wants a lossless rip. I was like hell yeah because I was collecting S.C.X's physical discography so I bought it as soon as I can. I have to ask him for a rip of Reactant -CT Remix Works Vol.2- after I share my rip of Music Explorer with him. Then we just need to track down Extensibly & Remind when they both appear hopefully if ever.

夕焼けコンテナ。 - Setsuna SunSet

夕焼けコンテナ。 & 水車小屋 - 想い花



夕焼けコンテナ。 - Yorukaze Logic

夕焼けコンテナ。 - カゼマチナユタ

夕焼けコンテナ。 - AozoLine

Digital Logics - VERNAL HUES

Digital Logics - Aurorise EP

Artificial Heart - WARRIORS

AK-UNIT - Knockin' At Trance

夕焼けコンテナ。 - Sakurasa Clear

Obscure Music Team - WILL

Obscure Music Team - Resurrection

虹乃音堂 - White and Blue -AIR & Kanon Arrange Album-

Happy Forest - Rhapsodia

夕焼けコンテナ。 - Akatsuki mini Dream

floater-io - Recollection

RockRiverRecords - Promo CD No.2

S.C.X - Music Explorer

2019.05.27: 34 albums. Didn't spend as much this time so I could get some Nitrokeys instead. Decided that I might as well try collecting NIZI-RINGO, Tribullets, & 夕焼けコンテナ。. They all have fairly good stuff. I've mostly tried avoiding Touhou for a long time but it is about time I started opening up to atleast older Touhou stuff. Following Touhou music events would just drain my wallet and I probably wouldn't like most of it anyway. Apparently I was missing only one album from completing CODE-49 discography which was WEEKEND ASSASSINS and so now it is complete. It even came mint lol. Got two old C.H.S albums for t+pazolite circle collection. さかばと - Festa has one of Taishi's first songs so I grabbed it. Collecting Iemitsu early albums as they appear. I liked Cres's first album and went ahead and am collecting the rest of the Lunar Machines albums as they appear. Finishing up collecting Digital Logic discography! Just missing two other albums which I had Nate order from Yahoo Auctions JP for me. Key Sounds Label - CLANNAD remix album -memento- has a old but sick Trance song and it happened to be stocked so I bought it while I was at it.

My friend from Taiwan told me that the artist 3R2 was going to release a new vinyl at a Taiwanese music event and asked me if I wanted anything because he had a friend or proxy that was going. I was like fuck yeah and asked for everything that I didn't have. Pretty rare opportunity to get albums that aren't stocked anymore and this was the time. The vinyl album named Destinations came with a DL card at least because I don't have a vinyl ripper or whatever. I thought the vinyl was an event exclusive but it turned out that 3R2 put it on because he didn't sell enough or something lol.

Image 1


Tribullets - THICK AND FAST

さかばと - Festa

Tribullets - Dynamite Rave

C.H.S - Ultra Cute!?


夕焼けコンテナ。 - Extra Phantasm!

NIZI-RINGO - 東方廻桜録

Tribullets - snow storm

黒板クリーナー×夕焼けコンテナ。 - 一雨潤千山

Obscure Music Team - Essence

Tribullets - Go Berzerk!

Iemitsu.Productions - IA-STYLE/TOHO-J

ばんばんしー - にゃんことくらそう

C.H.S - for the Lunatix

NIZI-RINGO - Sky Cruise

夕焼けコンテナ。 - 想い花

Lunar Machines - Auraepuella

夕焼けコンテナ。 - Heart Waves

Digital Logics - The Walker EP


NIZI-RINGO - 東方副都心


GML - Blue Link Emotion

Image 2

Digital Logics - The Walker LP

Tribullets - Beat U Down

Key Sounds Label - CLANNAD remix album -memento-

Lunar Machines - HIgh TEnsion NIght!!

F2er+Lunar Machines - THE UDONGEM@STER ウドンゲマスター

Image 3

3r2music - Destinations

Prismatic Music - Entrance

Prismatic Music - Prismatic Music Vol.1

Prismatic Music - Entrance Remix E.P.

AeroRavers - Rave Connections (DL Card)

2019.05.28: 54 albums. I decided that I might as well just buy the whole Silly Walker catalogged discography which is why there is a lot of Silly Walker here. Spelunker has some pretty great songs so why not. Divine K & 電波っ娘。倶楽部 contains some rare old t+pazolite. I ended up wanting to get the Blasterhead Lyrical Pop World's End soundtracks and supposedly they're pretty rare and/or not uploaded anywhere. Here is a pretty interesting article on Blasterhead if anyone is interested. My friend recommended me the artist Cres that has very old Key Trance/J-Core arranges so I ended up buying the albums available for sale. After like 3 years I finally was able to buy a copy of Riparia:01 and complete my discography of them for now. Glad that more Iemitsu popped up - Trying to get SICD-001 to SICD-020 since that seems when a lot of good old artists appeared (REDALiCE, Thanatos, Alabaster, t+pazolite, etc.). s10rw is an excellent electronica circle and s10rwberry Sunday is a great album so that I was bound to buy that album sooner or later. SunLight Records has some guest Key/Touhou Trance arranges by Nago and Blue Twinkle which seems very interesting. It'll be my first time hearing from the artist ななまる who doesn't seem to produce anymore who is the person behind the circle. The MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL stuff I actually bought on accident lol. I forgot to take it out of the shopping cart but DJ Schwarzenegger does have pretty good stuff. I would have never thought I would ever get my hands on Druggy's Acid RacK - Crimson meditation! It has never appeared on Surugaya before until a few months ago. It happened to pop again for the 2nd time and I managed to get it before someone I knew did. I ordered it in 10 minutes after I had received an email notification that it was available - fierce competition. I bought some CDs from the obscure doujin music god on Discogs. Searching for a Beat! albums seems rare as fuck so I'm happy I was able to buy them from him. I listened to one Minamotrance song and it instantly put a smile on my face! Just that one song alone makes the album worth it already. Got some of his albums that involved 7mai since I love his music. I got interested in wishpÊr and bought two of his albums at a whim so hopefully it was a good purchase. I am collecting albums from 3x6 and iMp which were on sale. Not sure why I bought cy:cle tbh.

Image 1

電波っ娘。倶楽部 - たまにはまたーりと電波に浸ってみるのもいいんでないカナ?

Divine K - 空舞 -ソラヲマウ-

Blasterhead - 末期、少女病 -Lyrical Pop World's End- Original Sound Track - (Minus)

Blasterhead - 末期、少女病 -Lyrical Pop World's End- Image Soundtracks

Silly Walker - ウサ耳アワー

Silly Walker - Foonmix Platinum Soundtrack

Lunar Machines - Sonituspenna

Silly Walker - タイガー&メロン ~メロンの回~

Iemitsu.Productions - SI-STYLE/02

Silly Walker - Lunaticが止まらない

Silly Walker - ハンブンフシギ

Lunar Machines - Melodiabrezza

Silly Walker & ちょむ工房 - イイトコドリップ

ブラハドウホンポ - EASTMEETSWEST 2003.HANI-HANI Remixes ONLY??

Silly Walker - いい旅・夢時空

Riparia Records - Riparia:01

Silly Walker - こたつとみかん

Iemitsu.Production - 紅蓮白夜 -TRANCE from S.Iemitsu-

s10rw - s10rwberry Sunday

Silly Walker - Silly Walker BEST MAX30

SunLight Records - Blazin’ Beat Anthem

Cres - Kaleidopter

Silly Walker - タイガー&メロン ーとらの回ー

Silly Walker - 魔館紅殺砲

Image 2

ブラハドウホンポ ‎ - ◯刊 わたしのはいてない編

ブラハドウホンポ ‎ - 続・◯刊わたしのはいてない

Silly Walker - ぼくの月夜を守って

Silly Walker - サクラ39

Blasterhead - 末期、少女病 -Lyrical Pop World's End- Image Soundtracks (For the 2nd time on accident)

Druggy's Acid RacK - Crimson meditation


MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL - Arnold Archive 1

MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL - Arnold Archive 2

Image 3

SunLight Records - Aggregate

SunLight Records - End of Summer

SunLight Records - Clann as S

Silly Walker - ミュージックスてゐション

Silly Walker - はじめてのぷれすばん。

Silly Walker - TEI!TEI!TEI! MUSIC and TALK

Silly Walker - Silly Walkerなりのヴォーカルナンバー。

Silly Walker - うさばん

Silly Walker - ニセカイジュウタク

Silly Walker - 樹界世くちゅーる

Image 4

7bridges - Sleeping Fairy

Noisejack Leonberger - Two-faced

Noisejack Leonberger - Reunion!

Tech-nation Records - Concept Fragments -Fade Away-

Searching For a Beat! - rEvolution Plus

Searching For a Beat! - Alternative


Happy Forest - pirika

curled-coil - basement23

Happy Forest - サヨナラ my THANKS

cy:cle - コトダマ =KOTODAMA=

2019.05.11: I have received my big Surugaya package this time. 65 albums. Main focus was zts, Thanatos, t+pazolite, older Trance, and a few newer albums that I still needed to collect. Pretty big haul. It will be interesting delving into the early 2000s albums.

Image 1

L.E.N.Records - Tribal BEAT 303

なぞじゃむ - respect

SHINYA Project - 深夜 SHINYA

BL-Records - 東方幻舞闘

Obscure Music Team - day

音召缶 - Gensou Raving!

ほりっくさーびす - エネルギー冷麺 お受験せんそ→☆

sound sepher - Cradle2


sound sepher - Cradle -東方幻樂祀典-

L.E.N.Records - Musi’Cooking 303

YTR RECORDS - Far East Makina Alliance

Lapis moss - スノウ・ファンタジア

なぞじゃむ - possibility

音召缶 - Sacredess Fantasy Ship

Diverse System - Dear.Mr.TAKA

Lapis moss - 一生剣命

Pilgrim - What a Wonderful World

G-Greats - Primary

花詠束プロジェクト - 花詠束 -HANATABA-

Lolita Comp Records - 妖精酒乱大戦

Diverse System - D11

JV-1010 - Piece -Alliance LABEL Vol.1- (Wow, an album from 2000 that is still sealed, pretty crazy)

帝國交響楽団 - Kantai Collection CLUB REMIX -Over The Raging Waves-

Image 2

音召缶 - 響奏 -きょうそう-

dBu music - ICE MILK TEI

Liverne - Fate/sound remixes ”fragments”

CTBR - Sacred Treasure

JV-1010 - Over Drive

Campanella - berpop melodies&Remixies

Re:SPEC - 東方音唄騒 -とうほううたさわぎ-

Undefined Field - BigFairy combination CD 2


LOVE MACHINE - fragment


Diverse System - Diverse vs 8 bit





ああ…翡翠茶漬け… - Dream Chasers

LOVE MACHINE - BPM130over すぺしゃる

G-Greats - Voyage

G-Greats - Carnevale カルネヴァーレ


なぞじゃむ - various

DISASTER - sephiroth

渡辺製作所 春風亭工房 - GLOVE ON FIGHT Cyber Trax Vol.01

Image 3

Blasterhead - Killbots-E.P.(E)

Obscure Music Team - 天下布音

Age of Beginning - Pentagonal Beats

Obscure Music Team - Zeal

Obscure Music Team - Cosmology

MOB SQUAD TOKYO - arma magica

Lapis moss - 一悟一会

音召缶 - Azule Crimson Night

音召缶 - Lied Baile Auswahl

sound sepher - 東方幻奏祀典4"Excess"


Age of Beginning - Blue Rum

Silly Walker - 9key honey

ナインボールズ - 東方からきました。

Silly Walker - となりのやおよろずちゃん

KPDrecords - Chapter-01

Siestail - Shrine*Bloom*Yard

2019.05.08: Small loot pic this time. I had received an email notification for one of mamomo's older albums that is out of print unlike his other albums which is pretty weird I guess. Of course I had to buy it immediately before someone else does because I love his instrumental OST music. I noticed that three Phonotaxis albums that I didn't have appeared so I bought those as well. Bought and completed the old Re:cy:cle discography before it became nekomimi style. Although I haven't heard it yet I predict that the Creation Records album has some good Trance - I hope I am right. I forgot to buy Re-End.Recordingz from which was almost a year ago now. It has an updated version of the song Kanata which is one of Synagi's best songs. Though given the track record for updated versions of songs I hope it is actually good. I seem to not like updated or re-editted songs of the original since it somehow actually becomes worse. Then I just went ahead and bought half of Angelic Quasar's discography because fuck it - why not. They were only 250 yen each anyway. While I'm not much of a fan of Touhou - I will try out the older stuff. Angelic Quasar was later continued as Rolling Contact. Bought one Silly Walker that I needed for the artist Thanatos - Nothing else that I needed from them has appeared yet.

Angelic Quasar - 紅夜ノ刻 -Aganai no toki-

Angelic Quasar - なつかげ!

Angelic Quasar - 幽世の空蝉

Angelic Quasar - 月喰淵夜-ツクバミエンヤ-

Phonotaxis - Phonocrawl

Re:cy:cle - ダイヤル?通

Angelic Quasar - 東方俗楽譚-其の壱-

Angelic Quasar - Dark matteR

Angelic Quasar - Check it up 妖!

Angelic Quasar - Missing Mythic

Phonotaxis - Phonohaze


Angelic Quasar - 桜Nightmare

Angelic Quasar - Merry Go Round!

Re-Endz.Recordingz - Battle Idiotika

まもも家 - Colors/Forest

Phonotaxis - phonograin

Re:SPEC & Re:cy:cle - 9

Silly Walker - きみのならまた死ねる -きみのたまなら死ねる Part2-