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2019.06.22 - I was supposed to write a pretty length journal entry today but instead I am listening to, if not, the best Electronic music set that I have heard in my life. Shimotsukei & plasmadancer are absolutely killing it. Every single song is fantastic and the transitions are seamless. I really should have gotten into the Freeform & Hard NRG scene - It literally oozes Q U A L I T Y over doujin music. Listen to Lucky Lotus 8 final festival here.

2019.06.16 - Unproductive day. Lol apparently this guy violet-labyrinth put in the effort to make a carbon copy of my site and make fun of me in the about me section. Sure, you do you :^)

Had a discussion of me and a few other people with a person that only uses Windows and is a gamer. Yes - We understand why people use Windows as an OS but refusing to acknowledge the advantages of Linux is just breeding ignorance. For these gamers every game must 100% work or else its not worth using Linux whatsoever. Even with the rise of WINE Proton which has compatibility for plenty of games its not good enough because its not 100%. Nothing else matters to these closed-minded people and is thus pointless to argue or reason with them. You're better off talking to a wall.

Right, I almost forgot to write about flashing the ROM /e/ on my phone. I barely even used it for a few minutes before deciding that I will just use regular LineageOS+microG. /e/ is supposed to be for the 'average user' as said in their FAQ but if the 'average user' is able to install the ROM in the first place then what is wrong with LineageOS? It tries to replicate an iOS-like experience which I wasn't a fan of. It has apps like Telegram and Signal that you can't remove easily which is also a turn off. If I wanted those apps I would install them myself. I didn't really look deeply into the ROM when I flashed it but a friend of mine pointed out a couple of things too. The proprietary app that is shipped in /e/ but not listed on their site and not properly disclosed but is in their git page was a rebranded map application named 'Magic Earth' by General Magic. Looking at the privacy policy from General Magic brings up quite a bit of red flags. The most alarming one - "In the U.S., we may ask for your Social Security number (SSN) but only in limited circumstances such as when setting up an account." What on earth would you need an SSN for? After over 2 hours of pain trying to flash LineageOS+microG again it finally worked. The main issue was trying to update TWRP to work because apparently you have to install an up to date ROM first for whatever reason. I have turned off everything I didn't need, got the privacy/battery saving apps, changed the battery profile to maximum power save, and turned on extreme battery saver yet I somehow get only half the amount of battery usage compared to LineageOS 15.1. How? What is taking up so much battery that I only get half of what I used to have on a previous version? I've barely flashed it so I guess I'll give it some time to maybe figure out what is the cause...

2019.06.14 - I think I am back to wanting to do things again.

With the release of the J-Core 10.0 torrent I am definitely in the mood to listen to some older J-Core music. God bless RandomWeeaboo for doing god's work. If you like Electronic Hardcore Techno then this is the torrent to go to. There is 2159 lossless albums so there is plenty to explore.

I don't have too many albums to rip left but the amount that I have to tag and scan album covers is overwhelming which resulted in laziness. I'll have to plow through it slowly atleast.

I found that SigaVPN shut down a few days ago due to lack of donations. They were a 'free' VPN service with no strings attached. You don't have to make an account, pay for it, or anything like that. A few months ago and probably since the start of the service you had to donate atleast $2 to get access to the OpenVPN configuration files but not long ago SigaVPN did away with that and made it entirely free. I haven't really used it myself much but for a free VPN service it was very good. Trying to survive off only donations is unfortunately very unsubstainable. Thankfully Riseup and Autistici have managed to pull this off for several years but that is because they have members and a community that cares about what they do myself included. SigaVPN didn't really have that. Its very hard to get people to donate at all in the first place. I've never really donated to anything myself until very recently. Everyone are cheap bastards. Its all leech but never give back. If everyone donated more often to the services and organizations that truly do good then we wouldn't have to worry about shortcomings like SigaVPN. I donated $100 to Autistici earlier this year. I will donate probably the same amount again to Riseup soon especially for Riseup VPN.

I recently received my Nitrokey Pro. I am having a hard time trying to get it to work due to it only working when logged in as root. It won't work as regular user which defeats the purpose of using it really. I've tried instructions from Gentoo wiki and Nitrokey FAQ but it doesn't seem to help. I will have to fiddle with it whenever I feel like it but not now.

I think I will flash ROM /e/ tomorrow. It is forked from LineageOS and has microG built in. Fairly new but looks worth trying.

2019.06.12 - Haven't exactly been caring to update my site or journal right now. Yesterday I wasn't in the right state of mind as I would have liked and went to sleep quite a bit early. When I am in the mood I will write again.

2019.06.09 - I am pretty interested in the Raptor Computing's Talos II & Blackbird motherboard. To let readers know first - I am not that knowledgeable about this topic nor an expert. Yes, I understand that these motherboards and CPUs are definitely overkill for my needs. The main point is being able to go more libre (But not freetardism libre). These two motherboards utilize the IBM POWER9 CPU which uses the PPC64 CPU architecture. Unlike Intel & AMD's x86_64 CPUs, the POWER9 CPU is open source, has no backdoors, not vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre/other exploits, has processing power the same as or slowly behind x86_64 CPUs, and more. Being able to use a libre desktop sounds very nice although definitely overkill for the average person. Main issue is most definitely the cost, limited software support, and very limited documentation. Most software is compiled for x86_64 CPUs so most distros are out of the question. The most perfect distro from what it seems like is Gentoo in this case since everything is compiled from source code. I already use Gentoo which would make the transition not as painful. The amount of documentation for the motherboards and CPU is abysmal. There is hardly any information out there besides like a small hardware compatability list. I need to know things such as if virtualization and WINE works fine. Will all the software I use just werk? I was thinking about wanting the Blackbird motherboard which is significantly cheaper than the Talos II but it has quite some limited options. While I do have the money to buy a Talos II motherboard it wouldn't really be wise to spend that much money on it when I don't really do any CPU/GPU-heavy tasks on my computer. I want to build a desktop with a minimum of 4 CD drives, 8 HDDs, and 4 USB inputs for the most part. I am one of the very unique and niche people that actually still buy music CDs. "Why don't you just stream music like a normal person?" I like being able to listen to my music locally whenever and where ever I want and without internet connection thank you. I do not support companies and corporations having control over the music I listen to. What if in the case that the music I like is suddenly taken down? 98% of my music is not on streaming services to begin with. I like being able to support the artists more directly with more moeny in their pockets compared to streaming services. Lastly, I love the journey of buying music CDs. I buy enough music CDs to warrant wanting to use 4 CD drives all at the same time to save time. For the HDDs, I want to start archiving anime I've watched very soon. Having 6 8TB encrypted HDDs with filesystem ZFS in RAID5 or RAID6 sounds good. 1 8TB encrypted HDD with filesystem ext4 for my unsorted music files, airing anime files, and everything else. 1 4TB encrypted HDD with filesystem ext4 dedicated to my doujin music collection. I have an old IBM Model M Black keyboard so I'd have to use a PS/2 to USB adapter to make it work. I have a dedicated DAC/AMP for my headphone setup which uses USB. I have a scanner which is connected via USB. My mouse is USB. Those are the main minimum requirements. I want to be able to do all of this in the desktop case but maybe I should look into using a server instead... Need more research. I should also consider emailing them directly to answer my questions.

I talked to my dad for the 1st time in like 11 months. Being in Japan and my dad being in the US, calling him directly would be expensive for me. I told him to get the app Signal so I can talk to him using wifi or data and to eliminate those calling charges but he never did. Well fuck him then. I talked to my sister yesterday with Signal and she told me that my stepmom got Signal and tried to get a hold of me. So I text messaged my stepmom and she said that she couldn't use Signal because she didn't have my 'username'. I told her that with Signal you use phone numbers. So we got it to work and talked for over an hour with encrypted video call. I don't care for them *too* much but it is pretty nice talking to them after so long. The most interesting thing they told me is that my dad went through gun training and has his own pistol now. He said that there has been some crazy incidents and crime in my hometown recently which is pretty upsetting because my hometown is a pretty small suburb with a population of 22k. He said that he heard shotgun shots in the apartment complex that was recently built behind our house and some random person that somehow knew my family and location tried being friendly with them despite being a troublemaker. He has stolen from the HEB grocery store numerous times and other small petty crimes. If my dad doesn't feel safe anymore and feels the need to go that far to protect himself and his family from danger then there is something most definitely wrong going on.

Smartphone ROM AOSP is nice and all but it seems that my phone battery definitely doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. Using LineageOS with minimal usage I can make my phone last atleast 6 days long. With AOSP, it would only last about half as long at 3 days. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because of LineageOS's extreme battery saver feature which is not present in AOSP.

About time I start fleshing out the Doujin Music section a bit more. I have only put up 4 circles/artists and thats it. I have added a bunch of circles/artists/albums sorted by genre for now and will work my way through them when I feel like it.

There was one person that emailed me about adding RSS Feeds to my website. If you are reading this, I have not forgotten about your request! Unfortunately though I've been too lazy and busy with my other hobbies to implement it within the 2 weeks I said I would. I will get to it eventually hopefully soon!

2019.06.08 - This is one of the rare times that I talk about my day in real life in my uneventful life. My Japanese coworker and I met at the library. Since I don't have much time left she wanted me to teach her how to download Youtube videos and how to put the videos onto her iPhone...for like the 3rd time. She has written down the 'instructions' before lol. Though the one thing that is different is that instead of relying on a Firefox Youtube video downloader addon I pointed her towards with their download options for the videos. I think this is actually the easiest way to download videos from Youtube with no garbage re-encoding and shit. The bad thing is that the download speeds are pretty slow. Then I showed her how to sync the videos to her iPhone with iTunes. Though iTunes is eventually going to be depricated in favor of a few separate programs instead which will suck for her. She will probably end up asking for my help via Signal or email anyway. After I did that, she asked me if I wanted to walk with her to a resturant somewhere and just talk which was pretty nice. We could just drive there but she wanted to walk. Just walking and talking is strangely an increasingly rare thing. We walked there - It was pretty nice. I just didn't expect it to take a fucking hour long to get there though. Thats just to get there - We also had to go back. Fuck thats a lot of time. We went to a steakhouse and, naturally, it was almost all meat lol. This would be a vegetarian's worst nightmare haha. Got 400 grams of rump steak and hamburger steak. It didn't look like much in size but it actually fills you up quite full. Maybe its just me but I prefer eating steak medium rare and without any type of sauce - I enjoy the flavor of the steak like that. After we finished eating we started to head back. Thankfully before we left she said that we could take a bus if I wanted to and I said yes because I didn't really want to walk that long again and to save time into doing something else.

This line is to remind me to talk about Raptor Computing and the POWER9 CPU tomorrow.

2019.06.07 - I haven't written in my journal for the past two days because I fucked up my phone. I had a OnePlus 5T with LineageOS+MicroG installed. I installed it almost a year ago but I haven't updated it since. Trying to update it normally doesn't work normally for whatever reason so I was messing with the backup ROMs I have and I flashed the old OnePlus stock ROM but it didn't function and I would mostly only get a black screen. There was basically no launcher lol. I was trying to reflash the latest version of LineageOS+MicroG onto the phone to be annoyed by quite a bit of problems. I had to update the firmware, the latest version of OxygenOS version, and TWRP before I could do so. Information about the ROMs are all over the fucking place. I updated my firmware and TWRP but it wouldn't let me install the latest version of OxygenOS due to some vendor partition error saying that it didn't exist. This frustrated me for a long while to the point that I just wanted to go to sleep and I just gave up and installed AOSP with MicroG instead. AOSP is barebones Android without the proprietary Google apps, Google Play Services, and whatever else. It is really minimal! Theres only 6 apps. It only comes with settings, files, phone, camera, messaging, contacts. Nothing else. I think I actually like this a lot more than LineageOS. LineageOS definitely has a lot more features but a lot of the apps it provides are stuff that I don't really need. Because I rarely use my phone at all except for reading hentai doujinshi - I just installed all the necessary privacy/security apps. I don't use any apps that requires Google Play Services so theres not even a need to use MicroG but I will keep it in case I need to use it for an app that requires it.

On 2019.06.05, I was working like normal. But then I got a call from the IT department saying that 5 of the computers in my workplace have possible symptoms of 'WannaCry'. I was like lolwat. So they told me to tell everyone that was affected to backup all of their important files onto the network drive by the end of Friday so that they can shut off the ports of their computers from connecting to the internet to prevent possible spreading of 'WannaCry' within the network. I went ahead and told everyone that use the affected computers. The IT department then told me that they would physically fly over here on Monday to reimage the computers. I was like oh damn I guess its that serious that they can't fix the problem remotely. Mind you, my IT department is located in mainland Japan and I'm over here in Okinawa. They have to service like 7 other remote locations which makes it quite difficult for them to manage especially with no dedicated IT personnel in any of the other remote locations.

2019.06.04 - Today marks the 3rd day that I set up my Discord server primarily intended for seasonal anime and secondarily technology. I was expecting to gain members from Discord advertising websites such as & but my prediction was very far off to my surprise. I thought that due to the large amount of people looking for servers to join that I'd get atleast a few people to join but no one has actually joined from using these two sites yet. My server listing has a very minimal amount of visits with the majority so far being my own lol. I realized that, yes, a lot of people use these Discord advertising sites but I underestimated the amount of servers there are in total and the amount of 'paid' servers. You can pay for a monthly subscription to have your server in the gold or platinum tiers. The biggest benefits of this getting more 'bump points', more searchable tags, being able to tag your server with an additional category, and your server has a chance to randomly appear when users are switching pages looking for servers. You can 'bump' a server 4 times everyday at certain times so it appears in the first page of the site and steadily loses visibility as other servers are bumped. Using more keyword tags makes your server more visible. Tagging your server with an additional category probably helps a lot since there aren't very many categories. The platinum tier is $50/month - Lol fuck that shit. I found that my server is easily searchable using the term 'seasonal' or searching for the two categories 'anime' and 'technology'. Searching anime and technology literally only brings up my server. Apparently no one else has an anime and technology based server which is sad :( Despite attempting to advertise my server on these two websites and bumping my server 7 times - No one has joined via those sites yet. To my surprise - I've actually gained members from checking my 'About Me' section instead! I would ask the members where they found my server and they said it was from my site! While I have a pretty good amount of views I don't really feel it because nobody really contacts me or anything yet. Undeniably this does make me happy haha >///<. It also reminds me that I need to add more content to sections that I have been neglecting for some time.

Usually I don't really browse Reddit outside of two Subreddits but this time I glanced at /r/all. One thread that caught my attention was How have you seen a persons life be ruined in a single day? A lot of the responses were about death and corruption. Reading these types of threads gives you a constant refresh on reality. What you take for granted in your everyday life today may be completely different in a short amount of time and not in a good way. For those of you reading this journal entry and are mostly content with your daily life - Cherish and enjoy everything that matters to you now as there may be a time that you might lose something important or be unable to enjoy such things anymore.

2019.06.03 - Yesterday was the first time I didn't write a journal entry for a day. I was busy setting up my own Discord server which took time to learn the roles and permissions. I even stayed up until 3 AM which is unheard of and is probably the first time I stayed up that long for atleast 3 years.
In one of my Discord servers there was quite a long discussion about online MMORPG games. I can feel for it because I have sucked a lot of my childhood into them. Runescape was probably the biggest browser MMORPG game since like 1998 or 1999. I played it as early as late 2005 or early 2006. It was a fun game and I still love those nostalgic songs. The company behind it, Jagex, slowly started to ruin it over the years with updates that the player base didn't want and so the player base continued to dwindle to little. I stopped playing eventually as well because its not the same game as I once remembered. One person I know that still plays Runescape says that its definitely not the same as it used to be. Its not even fun anymore. Its all very profit driven. Most players are now malicious scammers and gold farmers. You have to be careful who you talk to and what equipment you wear. If you don't have private messaging set to friends only you are supposedly already a victim. If you type in chat you have to be careful what you say. As a relatively old time player that quit a long while ago, all of this is rather unheard and baffling to me. In a lot of MMORPG games, grinding is a big problem to the point that players will spend money to level up faster and speed up the process. You have to pay real world money to have a comfortable gaming experience. I played Warframe back in 2013 in open beta and it was pretty fun. I remember revisiting it years later and realized how it is basically just Grindfest, the game. A lot of AAA game series like Madden NFL, Call of Duty, Halo, etc. are released almost every year with very minor updates that allows for easy profit with minimal effort. Then in recent years a bunch of game companies have been profitting off rebooting or remaking old games. Game companies that create games and offer DLC or microtransactions at ridiculous prices... Mobile game companies that make a ridiculous amount of money with gacha games, anime girls for pretty art, and microtransactions that will trick you into paying for convenience... And much, much more... All of what has been said is noted on ExtortionIndustry's website. The state of video games today is just so utterly disgusting to the point that I don't think I ever want to pay for a game anymore ever again... I know that there are still good games out there but I don't think I have the energy anymore. All of my energy was in my childhood that has all been wasted for temporary satisfaction that means nothing later on. I'm not in contact with any of my online gamer friends anymore. I could have spent my time on things I enjoy several times more. Its all just wasted and I can't get that time back. Sigh...

At work today I met a man for the 2nd time. He is a contractor that is helping us get rid of an aircraft part that the government is giving us a hard time about for very little reason. He looks to be in his 40s and very professional looking and the way he talks is fantastic. He never stutters and knows what to say. He is dedicated to helping us achieve our goals unlike the government. I told him that I appreciate him going to lengths for us and we told him about the guy that is giving us a hard time about the aircraft part that we are trying to get rid of. He said that when he does business with people - He believes that business should be performance-based in an ethical manner. Instead of solely profit-driven business which can do quite a bit of harm to customers - To him a performance-based business meant going far and beyond for customers to leave a good impression to make them want to make contact in the future. He gave a good example: Imagine that you are a company and part of the business is to deliver oil with oil trucks. 18 tires on those oil trucks have gone bad and you need replacement tires. You contact an automobile repair shop and they provide you with 18 new tires for a set amount of money. Because they are a repair shop you would expect them to replace the old tires with the new ones but instead they just give you the new tires. You inquire to them but they said that they can put on new tires but it will cost even more money to do so. Lots of words come to mind... Deception, extortion, misleading, greed, miscommunication, and the like. A performance-based business is focused on understanding the customers' situation and problems and exploring all possible options to fix the issue efficiently, swiftly, and with transparently at a reasonable price. We told this man our problem in details and gave him all the information he needed, he explored and told us all of the possible options we could try, and he solved our issue pretty swiftly. If I was my boss I would most definitely do business with him again because frankly he knows his shit and I respect his 'performance-based' view of business. It was a refreshing thing to see especially in person.

2019.06.01 - Another Japanese coworker rant.

My coworker wanted me to transfer the contents (photos and videos mostly) of her son's HDD into her laptop for memories. She said she would call me whenever she wasn't busy. She called me near the afternoon but I guess something was up and so she was busy again. I had ordered a TV dinner to eat and put it in the microwave. She called me just as I was about to eat it. It was later in the day so I was slightly annoyed if she wanted me to come over to her house. And that was the case. She said she wanted to meet up at 6:30 PM. It takes like 15 minutes to walk to her house. It was 6:10 PM by the time she called me. Well fuck, she didn't give me much time to eat my god damn food. So I went over to her place and started transferring the files from her son's HDD into her Microsoft Surface laptop thing. It was about 26.8 GB worth of files. I finish doing that and then... She asks me to if I can put all of the contents onto CDs so she can ship it to her son. What in the fuck woman?! CDs only hold about 700 MB of data and you expect me to put all that shit onto atleast 38 fucking CDs? And you don't even have a fucking CD drive because the Microsoft Surface laptop is fucking useless without a plethora of dongles. I asked her why doesn't she just ship the HDD to her son and she was like 'oh'. God damn this woman. Only 2 1/2 more months to go until I am permanently detached from her.

Seeing as I am not dedicating my time to writing news and rambling articles like I used to, I will be removing the posted dates soon but they will still remain in the .html file and displayed in the url. I also still have to work on getting a working RSS feed up.

Google Struggles To Justify Why It's Restricting Ad Blockers In Chrome. No fucking shit because blocking adblocking just makes the user experience worse for everyone at the expense of corporation greed and control. So many sites rely on garbage 3rd party trackers that slows down websites that it is NECESSARY to use adblocking addons to make the browsing experience faster and more private. Google can fuck off.

2019.05.31 - Not really much on my mind today. Just have been listening to non-new music while tagging new music and ripping older music :^)

This seems to be a big article for today.

"Totally agree with you with regards to a company holding another company hostage over political views. It's totally their right to do this, but it absolutely serves as a warning to any company that allows another to gain this type of leverage. I don't even know what Salesforce's platform does, but I'll never directly give them a penny after this nonsense. It wouldn't matter if I agree or disagree with their position, the idea of politically extorting companies like this is disgusting. And, regarding guns designed to kill people: The United States was formed on the idea that "the people" would unite for the defense of our nation. The idea of standing armies was fiercely debated. The second amendment exists for a reason. That reason will never go away. Do we now have a problem (mass shootings) that is even more worrisome than foreign invasion or tyrannical government? Sometimes it seems so. Sometimes it doesn't. Regardless of your (or my) position on this, I would like to bring up Benjamin Franklin's excellent quote: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. I know you specifically stated "voluntarily," but there are many who sympathize with your wishes except for that pesky voluntary part. That, to me, is worrisome. When did liberty go out of fashion?"

"With out a doubt, buying into "Platforms" is a bad idea. Once you buy in, you are stuck paying their taxes forever (see: Oracle). And then, once the platform knows good and well that you are stuck and can't ever leave, they can make any demands they wish. Personally, I hate guns solely intended to kill people. No one needs an AK to hunt deer. I wish everyone would voluntarily stop buying these things. I wish stores would voluntarily stop selling them. But that's beside the point here. This is one company that is holding another company's business hostage making demands. What they are doing is proving that no company should buy into platforms."

These are two pretty solid comments that concides with my line of thinking. Probably the most annoying thing I see related to something like this is "Private companies can do whatever they want." That is true but that doesn't mean it is always right. Easy example is to just look at all the massive tech corporations and social media networks - They enforce a fair amount of adverse rules and censorship upon billions of people stuck on their platform. While I don't really actually like guns because they have the potential to kill very easily - in the end I do support them in the United States. Why is that? Guns have been around since the country's founding. They are what shaped the United States (Before all the increased craziness in modern times). If they weren't around at all since the beginning then I would be opposed to them entirely. However, that is not the case. Trying to take guns away entirely at this point will only be met with civil disobedience and blood shed. There will always be guns laying around somewhere especially around criminal activities. You take away guns from law abiding citizens now then we'll be fucked against those that have guns illegally. Rationally thinking with common sense - Guns are strictly tools. They do what they're suppose to do in the hands of the beholder. The beholder is the one responsible for whatever consequence happens in response to his or her gun. For me, if you want to solve gun violence - Then you must go into the root issue which are the people themselves. Guns are useless without people. As always, read the comments from Slashdot for more insight.

2019.05.30 - In my original rambling article 'My Privacy Journey', I actually did not have a Nitrokey at the time. Let me explain my thoughts on 2FA first. I used to like the idea of TOTP 2FA since it would make your online accounts more secure from hackers and such in case anything happened. I had TOTP 2FA set up on a few online accounts. While it is more secure, it is inconvenient. It is one of the very rare cases that I actually don't like inconvenience. Most people think of TOTP 2FA akin to something like your smartphone which is the case atleast 95%+ of the time. Well I set up TOTP 2FA on my smartphone at the time. I don't keep cookies for websites I don't visit too often so when I visit that website and have to fetch my TOTP 2FA code I have to turn on my phone, go to the app, and make sure to input the code on time before it refreshes. I found that to be annoying especially now that I almost never really use my phone anymore. I would like to think that I take good care of my electronic devices which includes my phone. One day, I was walking around with my phone and accidentally dropped it on the hard tile floor with the screen straight down to the floor. The screen was cracked to death and LCD crystallization was taking over very quickly to the point that I couldn't use it anymore. I didn't think too deeply back then thinking that I could just get a new phone since I didn't really have anything personal on there that I cared for. Then I tried to log into some websites and was greeted by the TOTP 2FA code screen. Fuck - My phone is broke and I can't get to the TOTP 2FA app anymore. I was really scrambling at the time because I couldn't get past this TOTP 2FA shit. I had to contact the website that I needed to disable 2FA. They asked some security questions as per protocol and they disabled it for me. After that I found out that I had actually kept the 2FA back up codes on my password manager KeePass so I didn't even have to contact support lol. I didn't remember if I actually put the codes anywhere but luckily I did. That is when I stopped using TOTP 2FA apps for good. If your phone gets lost, stolen, or broken then you're pretty fucked unless you back up the 2FA codes. Sure you can have backup phones but who the fuck would spend the money on that especially with the ever increasing cost of phones these days. I didn't see it worth my time worrying about an incident like this again and I use strong random passwords generated by my password manager KeePass.

It was recommended everywhere not to use SMS 2FA and I didn't have a strong grasp of why until not too long ago. This article sums up why SMS 2FA is bad compared to TOTP 2FA. It also involves having to turn on your phone and shit as well which I don't like in the first place. With this 'SIM port attack' the SMS message containing the code to unlock the online accounts go to the attacker's phone and instead of the victim's.

I bought two Nitrokey Pro 2 & one U2F USB keys. No I am not being targetted by the NSA or police. The idea of putting your PGP key on a Nitrokey USB key and encrypting email that way sounds very secure and even more convenient - The type of convenience that I don't mind and actually makes sense. It also just makes good security practices because you may never know what could happen to your online accounts. If you use email encryption and forward all received emails to yourself to encrypt them then no one will be able to read your emails in the email server if left there. However, if someone has physical access to your PGP keys they can decrypt all your emails with your private key on your computer. If you put your PGP key onto a Nitrokey Pro 2 USB key and off the computer then they can't do anything without knowing the PIN. The PIN is used in place of the OpenPGP passphrase. This may seem more insecure at first but should actually be pretty safe due to the hardware locking the USB key after 6 failed attempted tries. To unlock you input the admin PIN and reset it that way. Having to type in a PIN instead of a long passphrase is actually more convenient while still being secure at the same time. It also supports OTP which replaces the need to rely on a phone if I am understanding correctly. There is an almost zero chance of 'accidentally' breaking it compared to a phone like in my case. There are other features for the Nitrokey Pro 2 but I don't really care about all that all stuff - My main focus is on email encryption. If the PGP key is to permanently stay off the computer and only onto one Nitrokey Pro 2 USB key - What happens if it is lost or stolen and you can't get it back? That is the reason why I bought two of them because the 2nd one is a hardware backup. Nitrokey's USB keys are more expensive compared to other companies but affordable enough to buy backups. Then there is also the U2F USB key. Imagine going to a website to log in to be stopped at the 2FA screen. With a click of a button on the U2F USB key the 2FA codes are automatically generated and inputted and you are logged in. No more fussing with phone bullshit! Atleast thats how I think it works because I haven't tried it myself yet. While I'm not a Gentoo developer, it is nice that they created this guide for people that have the Nitrokey Pro 2 which I will be using shortly.

Lol imagine using Google Chrome or Chromium to find that your adblocking extensions don't work anymore unless you're an enterprise user. Truly cucked. I wonder how long until Mozilla follows the same footsteps. Also be sure to read the comments for insight.

Yet even more reasons for me to reject transgenderism. A teacher mentally fucks with the mind of a young 8 year old male child about gender to the point that he is confused, depressed, aggressive, isolated, takes anxiety medications, sees a therapist, is afraid to go to school...The list just goes on. I hope the parents manage to win the lawsuit. The World Health Organization has recently recognized "gaming disorder" as an international disease yet transgenderism & LGBT stuff is considered sane. The world is going backwards.

2019.05.29 - As I mentioned yesterday, now I will write about why I joined the US Navy.

When I was a child I was a lot more different. I actually hanged out with my friends in the neighborhood and was an energetic person at elementary school but then my mom suddenly passed away when I was 12 due to complications that lead a heart attack. Honestly I kind of hated her because I only remember bad memories but she was still my mom. When my brother, sister, and I went to the hospital to see that she had passed away everyone cried their eyes out. That was the last time I have ever cried. I ended up becoming fragmented and stopped hanging out with my neighborhood friends and wasn't as bright at school. My dad retired from the US Navy himself just a day after her passing away. My dad moved into the house and lived with me. He is a great father - or rather - he was more like a good friend. We did family-like stuff at first but eventually we were both glued to our own computers too much. That is why I said he *lived* with me rather than *raised* me. I raised myself. He didn't actually really teach me much about life at all. He never really talked to me about college, my future, what things I should do when I become an adult and such. Of course, I am also at fault for my inaction to talk to him about such things. I lack common sense when it is 2nd nature to others. I was pretty addicted to online games at the time which quite isolated me in my free time. The amount of interaction that I've had with people is abysmally low. I had plenty of male 'friends' that I could talk to at school but its not like I really hanged out with them outside of that and after high school I only kept in touch with two friends. At this point you could say that I don't really have a history at all. Playing online games everyday would sum it up pretty quickly. After graduating high school I immediately went to live with my (much older) sister in California. She is in the US Navy as well. I went there thinking I would go to college and shit but I didn't have a plan at all. She kept telling me about the Navy and shit but I wasn't biting just yet. Eventually I thought - Everyone says to go to college to get a degree to get a well paying job but then you look at how ridiculous the costs of going to college are. If I went to college as I was now then I'll just end up being in a lot of debt that would take several years to pay off. Then one day I just randomly completely changed my mind and told her I would join the Navy because nothing was happening. Of course, she was delighted. I could have joined other branches of the Military but I guess my influence came from my dad and sister.

Now, joining the US Navy had been the single greatest decision I have made in my life. At a time that I had no idea what I was doing or wanted to do - The Military was an easy and convenient outlet to run away to. You were guaranteed to be paid bi-monthly, have the benefits of free medical healthcare, dental care, housing, food allowance, GI bill to help pay for education, tuition assistance for education, chaplains for mental therapy, free educational classes (financial, anger management, health, etc.), and the list just goes on and on. As long as you do your job you will have all these benefits and resources in the palm of your hands. Is there anything in the world that gives this many benefits at all? I'm not sure but I'd be curious to know. While the pay may seem quite low - You have to remember that when you start off you will have basically no bills to pay except for phone, internet, and maybe some other things. Over 95% of your income will be disposable compared to a regular civilian that has to pay for numerous bills and especially rent. The only reason I am able to spend so much on my hobby of buying music CDs is because of the amount of disposable income I get. If you didn't really have hobbies to tend to or money to spend on whatever then you can pocket a lot of that income for after you leave the service. Theres also quite a bit of bad things too though. You're much more restricted than regular civilians and have to abide by a lot more rules and the UCMJ. Work hours vary by workplace. Currently I work 8 or 9 hours per weekday per week but will eventually have to work for up to 12 hours per weekday and sometimes even weekends per week. You may have to stand duty or watch at set times which will easily bite into your free time. Theres a lot so I won't explain everything.

Of course the Military is not for everyone. The majority of people that sign up for the Military leave after their first contract is up I think. A lot of people join to get their college degree without incurring a huge amount of debt and then get out which easily makes sense. A lot of people don't like having to do long hours, watch or duty, having to abide by strict rules and regulations, and all that jazz. My junior sailor thought that he was going to be in for 20 years for retirement but after being sent to Japan against his own will he is now counting down the amount of days until he leaves the service. For me, I don't hate it at all especially since it gave me a sense of direction but I don't exactly like being in the Navy too much either. It feels like a fair amount of people that hate being in the Military have grown up too sheltered beforehand. Those coming from poor countries and/or families are a lot more appreciative. Until I have a solid plan after getting out of the service I will stay in until then. It all depends on when I set things in motion and work towards those goals - The sooner the better.

Me being in the Military may seem contradicting to Autistici & Riseup when it comes to anti-militarism, anti-authoritarianism & hierarchies. I joined at a time not really knowing about those terms at all and why it matters. After becoming more familar with the world and these collective communities I understand much more greatly now. I was never actually for any of those things at any time thinking about it. I do believe that having militaries back then was necessary to protect the people from ongoing conflict but now it is largely not needed anymore. There is absolutely no need to increase the size of the Military in modern times and the amount of money from the United States' budget that goes to the Military is beyond ridiculous and largely wasted.

2019.05.28 - Today was the day that I find out if I had made advancement to the next rank in the US Navy. To break it down, the Navy advances people based on the amount of people in their specific job fields known as rates and how many people are in specific ranks. So if one rank has too many people it will be harder to advance than those with too little people. If there is enough or too much people in a specific rank then it will be harder to advance as well. Atleast thats how I think it works. For my rate there is a good amount of people but probably too many people in the rank I am trying to advance in so the quota is very low. The advancement rate is around 16% which is significantly lower than the 41% chance I had last time I ranked up. It turns out that I was 4 points off from making advancement which is pretty close. Normally people would be disappointed at such a close difference but for me - I felt more reliefed than anything. I didn't study for shit because I don't care at the moment. I also do not feel ready to take on more responsiblity and leadership the way I am now. Even though I've been in for a while I still don't really know much about the Navy or sailorization at all thanks to the workplace I am in. The best thing is that it grants me a lot of freedom and extra money for being overseas but realistically theres more problems than benefits in the long term being here. Because my workplace is so unique, I know nothing of the real Navy. Everything is non-standard here. What I learn here will be mostly useless by the time I move to my next workplace. Going to my next workplace as the next rank knowing not really anything while the junior sailors have a much deeper knowledge than I do sounds really dumb. My interactivity is mostly with 95% civilians with the average age being around 40. That means that there is no one around my age and not really anybody I can hang out with. My work ethics are excellent but my communication skills are only at best decent. My junior sailor is excellent at communication which kind of makes me look incompetent rarely and indirectly. I feel that I will be much better off with my current rank for now until I learn a lot more with the sailors the same rank as I at my next workplace. Though as I have mentioned in a journal entry before (2019.05.16), I hope it will be alright because I am far from a normal person. My chances of ranking up at my next workplace will be much harder since there will actually be sailors my rank but I'm sure I can make it work.

Its articles like these that really make me think about capitalism. The education system in the United States is just clearly broken. And this makes me want to write about why I joined the US Navy which I will do tomorrow...

2019.05.27 - Dear diary, one of my friends on Discord went to the Amazon Go store in Seattle today. He scanned a QR from his phone when he walked in, picked up whatever he wanted, and walked out of the store with the receipt on his phone afterwards. His trip was 2 minutes 40 seconds and he bought a bottle of water for 87 cents. ALL THAT BOTNET SHIT JUST FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER REEEE!!! Just kidding ;)

I have finished writing my long original rambling article about my privacy journey. Be sure to read it !!!

In one of my privacy-centric servers on Discord that I rarely go to; There is a guy that claims to be *for* privacy but everything he says is *literally* the opposite. He doesn't buy into conspiracy theories which makes sense. That is something that I can understand - But he wants hard cold evidence that stands in court and wants to be spoonfed everything. Multiple news sources reporting on the same topic even with court paperwork evidence clearly wasn't enough for him. If all tech corporations were taken to court and actually punished for their wrong doing then that sure would be a nice thing to see but that will almost never be the case. There is a lot of corruption that happens that doesn't make its way to court. The world isn't this fucking black and white. He is literally fucking defending Google, their settings that you most certainly can't trust or prove, their advertising IDs, holy fucking shit it was ridiculous. Every member that was arguing with this dude was visibly annoyed. "you complain about google and privacy - and yet google literally gives you the option to change settings. they make it very easy to do as well. esp when the default settings are literally there to help their main selling point of service. that is: Better syncing of data, shared easily with friends/family, and targeted ads to make online shopping, etc all the more easier. its literally google's selling point to make things more interconnected. for those that are more privacy-aware, tweak settings or don't use at all. if you opt out, it doesn't effect you at all. 'You can not trust the settings' that's too conspiratorial." If everyone was like this guy I might as well just off myself. Pretty much all tech corporations are in it for profit and will continue abusing people for data and then we have this one guy that claims to be for privacy but will defend the tech corporations and blame the users for being dumb instead. With all the data breaches that are constantly happening, proprietary spyware visibly datamining people, the selling of user data from tech corporations to data brokers, etc. - There is more than enough reason not to trust these tech corporations not one bit.

2019.05.26 - 4 days ago the developers behind Gentoo decided to make it so that only free/FOSS packages are installed by default which means that you have to 'accept' licenses of non-free software before being able to install them. So now when I decide that I want to install new packages and it doesn't have a FOSS license I have to accept the license everytime...Which is pretty fucking annoying. Why is this being implemented just now? This reminds me of digdeeper's freetardism article - Too much focus on irrelevant shit. I'm not sure just how much people care about being into FOSS but its easy to use the 80/20 rule. Less than 20% of people care very deeply about FOSS while more than 80% of people just care about using the software they want to use. Fortunately this can be easily solved by echoing "ACCEPT_LICENSE="*"" into /etc/portage/make.conf . No more license bullshit to deal with.

The rant that I have written above somehow just made me start on my first original rambling article on my journey with privacy. I originally was going to listen to a lot of music, which I did, but I couldn't even focus on new music for my music journal because I was thinking of what to write. I have spent several hours working on it today. It is very long so you better get your panties ready when it is done tomorrow.

2019.05.25 - My friend was telling me that he liked my journal entry about the SIM port attack and email security. I tried looking for it but it wasn't there. It turns out that I have accidentally lost it. I am pretty upset at myself for that.

I have finally finished ripping all my CDs from Nate crate. It took 6 days. Still have to tag everything :(

I was thinking about what if I ever wanted to show my website off to someone in real life - But I had concluded that it would be a bad idea. Keep online life and personal life separate. Since I have some 'controversial' content it might cause trouble and I don't want people to learn too much about me.

2019.05.24 - I decided to add my anime list on my website and just manually update it myself. The list hasn't been updated for like 9 months though so I need to update it pretty soon.

I used to post a lot of screenshots and spark discussion of airing anime series in a certain Linux Discord server. One guy that wasn't really into anime ended up getting really into it and he would ask me for recommendations and such. There was another guy that was a bit of an asshole but he would strike up discussion a bit. They're now gone and have left the server and I'm not really sure why. I miss them greatly. I carried on without them and continued to post screenshots and make some discussion but not as often since it wasn't very active to begin with without those two people. Eventually I stopped since there were new people that were elitists and talking trash often. It was not worth my time anymore. The channel has mostly died with little activity. That was the only server that I really talked about anime and now its just gone. It was fun talking with people watching the same series every week in anticipation but it is no more. I tried looking for anime-dedicated Discord servers but it seems annoyingly difficult to find one that I am comfortable in. All the ones I have joined (and then left) are full of cringey teenagers that talk like 'weebs', people that spam emojis, servers that put too much focus on ranking, roles, etc. There also seems to be a weird trend when people introduce themselves in the #introduction channel. It is becoming more and more common for people to include their 'gender', 'pronouns', and even sexuality. This applies to Neocities too unfortunately. It sure would be nice to go back to the days of when it was just male and female. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but I haven't found any active *mature* anime servers yet. Have people my age just fallen out of anime or flocked to social media instead? Sadness.

I've had my Nate crate since Monday and I'm still not done ripping CDs yet lol. About 7 more to go. Then I will have to tag around 100 albums holy shit. Hopefully I can get that done before the end of the weekend.

2919.05.23 - Journal entry for this has been lost due to a failure in my part. It was about the SIM port attack and email security. It took me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to write :( Maybe I will write it down again if I have the time.

2019.05.22 - The older coworker I work with , in his early 30s, told me how he was really wanting to buy a certain backpack that can carry a lot of things and more for $300. From a simple search, it is probably the Travel Backpack 45L by Peak Designs. $300 for a backpack is on the really expensive side. Then he said that 'Those Facebook ads are enticing'. So basically, he falls for the targeted advertising scheme by Facebook. He has ordered something from the advertisements before because it sounded 'useful'. Pretty sad to hear.

Before the month of May started I had uninstalled Discord, popular chat program geared primarily towards gamers, on my phone so I could focus more at work and be less of smartphone zombie in general. Usually for most people the hardest thing to get rid of are the apps that they think they need but don't because they're addictive. For the longest time I have kept Discord because I like to talk to people on there but the problem is that it causes me to look at my phone too much if I wasn't at home. Randomly one day I just uninstalled Discord and I haven't installed it back on my phone since. It feels a bit liberating to not have to check for new messages and shit all the time anymore. I can just focus on work or read Slashdot and Reddit on the work computer when I have free time instead. I have also developed a habit of turning off both wifi and mobile data when not in use. 22 days into May and I have used up 67.79 MB of mobile data out of 3 GB for the month at the time of this writing. I had to stay late at work one day since our Japanese contractors were working overtime and either a Military or DoD civilian had to stay behind until they were finished working. I was by myself in the building so I just read some hentai doujinshi for a little bit which took up about 54 MB of data. So I could have easily went under 20 MB of data usage for the month. I have the 3 GB data plan so I know I can downgrade that to 1 GB which is the lowest plan here and save a bit more money. At this point I use my phone so rarely that I only use it for basic phone calls and text messages. I like that result. Being more focused and observant of my surroundings is a plus.

2019.05.21 - I went to a burger resturaunt that I frequent and noticed that they can substitute the burger patty with a 100% plant-based Beyond™ Burger patty for an extra $2. It is primarily marketed towards vegetarians. Its probably been there on the menu for a few months now and I never noticed it all this time lol. Never tried it before so I gave it a try. It doesn't smell pleasant. The taste is... not that great. Its alright. I definitely wouldn't get it again especially since it costs an extra $2 for an inferior tasting patty. I can understand why vegetarians do what they do but I would not be able to adopt this way of living for three major reasons. First - It limits your food choices by a nearly extreme amount depending on how far you adopt it. Even things like dairy and eggs are technically against veganism. You have to autistically look at the ingredient and nutrition list to make sure you're not consuming something from an animal. It seems harder to be a hardcore vegetarian than it is to be a very privacy-focused person. Second - While I don't typically eat food for taste I do atleast enjoy good tasting food. Meat happens to be really tasty and included in a wide variety of meals. If that 100% plant-based Beyond Burger patty is more expensive and doesn't taste as good then I see little reason for me to get it over the burger patty that satisfies my tongue for cheaper and better. Third - I simply care a whole lot more about humans than animals. Humans make an everlasting impression on everyones' lives while animals have, in the vast majority of cases, minimal impact. Yes it is sad that because of humans that a lot of animal species are dying out, becoming extinct, being abused, etc. but frankly I care a whole lot more about human rights, freedoms, relationships, etc.

2019.05.20 - One of my old coworkers, in his mid 50s and retired from the Marine Corps after at least 24 years of service, was talking to my young coworker who just joined the Military about finances and investing since that was my young coworker's interest. The old man is very knowledgeable about that kind of stuff and might as well be a financial advisor. I respect him very much as a person and hes also a very hilarious and energetic person at his age! He told us a story about how he invested in the company Vanguard for his son and daughter ever since they were young. The sooner you invest early the more returns that you will get back. He mentioned that both son and daughter had $60k in investments by the time they were 21 which, if left untouched for decades, could have resulted in multi-millions of dollars. They could have been set for retirement without ever even trying! They both promised him that they wouldn't touch it. Well - It seems that promise was broken. They both had took the money out of Vanguard and somehow already spent almost all of it. It wasn't put to good use either. The son became a college drop out and is working as a waiter - A pretty standard job with not much pay. I don't think he mentioned what happened to the daughter. They didn't apologize about spending the money or anything. The old man was, of course, very disappointed. All those years of investing for his children for the purpose of letting them live comfortable lives later on - Not himself - all went down the drain. Money is the capital that allows you to exchange for many, many things. The vast majority of people would wish to be rich if they could. But in cases like this - It reminds me that money is simply a necessary evil. It distorts and corrupts most people. I can understand his disappointment very much. Recently I had received a reenlistment bonus for reenlisting 6 years in the Military. It was quite a fair amount - a lump sum of $4.5k and then another $4.5k later. Unironically when I got that lump sum was the most amount of money I've ever had at one time. I was wondering what I should spend with it. Usually I always spend my money every paycheck I get. In the end, I ended up just putting it all in my savings account in the bank. Out of all the things I could have done with that money - I set it aside. Besides my hobby of buying music - I am actually a very frugal person. I simply do not buy what I do not need. Thankfully due to this mindset I am never affected by shit like advertisements and very rarely impulse buying. It just doesn't sit well with me to spend a large amount of money that I didn't exactly earn and because of cases like the Old man. Spending money for the sake of spending is not a grand idea anyway.

2019.05.19 - I might as well write this down before I forget. Just as social media has shit like thumbs up, likes, follows, subscribers, etc... All that shit skews and distorts peoples' perceptions and views. Seeing numbers can be dangerous. I use a Reddit De-Karma userscript which hides all karma in posts which is nice since it allows me to just read and think about what is written myself. Besides that, I am getting too hung up on checking my website views when it is unnecessary. Unfortunately there is no setting to disable the display of views (atleast for myself) so I will have to try not to check on it myself. Something I need to remember and remind myself is that my site is primarily for myself first and foremost - I can do whatever I want with it as I see fits. While I have been managing to write in this journal everyday - I have also been neglecting other things as well. I need to write more news and rambling articles and update other sections when I have the time. Ripping and listening to music has taken quite a lot of my time right now but eventually I'll be back to normal schedule soon.

It seems that I end up writing about music a lot than I originally intended to but I think I like writing about it freely rather than my more composed song rating spreadsheet I have used for 4 years. In this case I have created Music Journal section to write my thoughts on the albums I listen to as time passes. As an extreme music enthusiast - I guess this was bound to happen haha. While I'm at it - If anyone reading my journal entry has taken in interest in doujin music then I would suggest you to join two Discord servers. Yes - Unfortunately I use Discord as much of a botnet it is. The first server linked is mostly for chat but it contains a LOT of useful information for newcomers to the scene. I also talk a lot on this server since its generally friendly and active. The second server linked is the primary server for downloading doujin music publicly. Not as active despite the amount of members it contains and not as friendly either.

2019.05.18 - I went ahead and got two new CD drives from the computer store. One is as a backup in the case that they break again. This also made me think - Maybe I should get a computer tower case with atleast 4 5.25 inch drive slots soon. I need to see if there is any limitations to this kind of set up with the motherboard I currently have though. With the amount of physical albums that I buy every event and Surugaya order it is starting to become more tedious. I need to save more time and work more efficiently - using 2 CD drives at one time is now starting to be not enough. You can put me in the >0.1% of people that actually want this many functional CD drives in one desktop in this day and age of streaming. Quite the niche person I am lol.

My Japanese coworker bothered me today with some technology-related shit. She can speak native level English but she texted me in a way that is hard to interpret. I thought she was asking to go to the library but it turns out that she was already there. I went to the library and she was telling me about some app named ''. She has booked a flight and hotel in Canada for vacation which sounds pretty nice. She was asking me how she could print the confirmation or itinerary. I told her that she has to sign into the app first before she can really do anything. She said that she tried but it wouldn't let her because the password was wrong. She tried again and it worked. Fuck all of you that can't remember your weak ass passwords. Sure its more inconvenient but use a password manager for god's sake. Its more inconvenient to have to reset your password all the time because you 'forgot'. Once she signed in she had to input the confirmation number and pin number from the email she has received from the website to show the booking details and information on the app. Of course - She tells me to fucking do it because she has a small brain. Then I click the booked location and scroll down and see the share/print PDF option for her booking confirmation. Well, that wasn't so painful as last weekend.

While I was still at the library I noticed that they have changed the way you could use the public computers. Before, you had to sign in with your printed name, current time, and computer number and you could use the computer for however long you wanted. Now, they installed some software that requires you to input your library card number (which you have to register with the library with your personal information) or input a guest pass number (which you can get from the librarians for free and no hassle). The guest pass expires the next day. The time limit for using the computers is 60 minutes. After the 60 minutes is over, you can use the same number to login to the computer. If you want to print something you are limited to 10 sheets of paper per day and whatever you try to print goes to the 'printer terminal' where you have to go to another computer and print it from there. This really annoyed me at first since you lose anonymity if you use a library card to use the computers and they can monitor all the shit you do on the computers... But it turns out that just getting a guest pass from the librarian is actually *more* anonymous than having to write down your name on the sheet of paper provided since they don't ask for anything at all. While that is nice and dandy - I still do not like the idea of software and user limitation. Holy fucking shit the new way of printing is retardedly annoying and backwards - You print on the computer you use but have to go to another computer to finish the printing job. Though I guess I can understand the reasoning behind this since everyone is limited to 10 sheets of paper per day. The time limit is incredibly dumb for an empty library like the one on my base while it makes sense for the libraries at bigger bases.

Since I have been using Linux for a little bit over a year I have always used DeaDBeeF as my primary Linux music player. It is great for playback but hated the tagging system and so I STILL used Foobar2000 for that purpose since. You have to click on the tag fields twice to edit tags on DeaDBeeF while on Foobar you click only once. You can press the Tab key on Foobar and it will go down one tag so you can easily fill out information using only the keyboard but with DeaDBeeF you have to click the fucking tag because pressing the Tab key makes an indention instead. Album Artist isn't fucking rendered properly on DeaDBeeF - it shows up as a custom tag at the bottom. Holy fucking shit why. When you type in the tag field but switch workspaces then it reverts back to the previously filled tag instead of applying the modified tag. You can't highlight and copy multiple tags at once unlike Foobar. You can't rename file names unlike Foobar... You have to convert the files for the file name format to be applied. I really wish this was a feature but oh well. I created a custom encode command that doesn't convert but just makes a copy of the original files but with the applied file name format somehow lol so I just have to delete the old files and all is well. Anyway, I have quite a bit of issues with DeaDBeeF when it comes to tagging but everything else is fine for me. I've been using Foobar2000 all this time until a few days ago when I got tired of the font being double spaced or some dumb shit when I edit the tag fields because of WINE. I didn't know how to solve it and didn't really want to bother so I decided to give DeaDBeeF tagging another try. While all the problems I typed out still exist, its actually not that bad but it is tedious. I end up tagging pretty fast and I am happy with that. Recently DeaDBeeF had a massive update to the point that they actually upgraded the version from 0.7.2 to 1.8.0 because they thought that the music player was mature enough. The changelog is pretty big. What I like the most is that they included the copy command just like in Foobar2000 which is great because I use it! I can highlight my selection of songs, copy the file name, and paste it where ever I need it. I used maintain a song rating spreadsheet since 2014 and would use that feature a lot for rating my songs but now that takes up too much time and is not really worth it anymore. I haven't really noticed anything else besides that. I don't really need that many features to function. I no longer need to rely on Foobar2000 so thats one program I don't need to use with WINE anymore. Now I only use EAC with WINE since there is *still* no private tracker approved Linux-based CD ripper and there is still nothing as good as EAC.

2019.05.17 - I was almost done finish ripping all the albums in my Diverse Direct package until one of my CD drives stopped working... I have two CD drives that I use in my computer to rip two times at once. I put a CD in one of the CD drives but it failed to be detected by EAC and it wouldn't eject as intended. It would make some minor noises indicating that its stuck. I thought it was because the CD was stuck that the CD tray wouldn't open. I had to take out the CD drive, unscrew the back plate, and manually get the CD out. Luckily the CD wasn't damaged and didn't have any scratches. I put it back in my computer but it still wouldn't eject the CD tray. So this time I took out both CD drives and compared the working one and the non-working one. It turns out that the non-working one has a broken O-Ring (rubber band-like material, atleast that is what I think it is). The O-Ring is used in the mechanical mechanism to open and close the CD tray. The CD drive itself still works fine but without that O-Ring I can't really use that CD drive anymore. Now I am down to just one CD drive which slows down my CD ripping progress by two times. I will have to buy another one from the computer store pretty soon. I should really get one before my Nate crate arrives which has over 100 CDs waiting to be ripped.

There was quite a bit of doujin music history being discussed in the doujin music server today. I have compiled the information and resources from there to this journal entry and might use this information if I decide to build up the doujin music section a bit more. You will almost never see a Japanese pirate out in the wild somehow. People in Japan despise piracy to the point that it is kind of mind boggling. Almost none of the content uploaded are by the Japanese but rather by the chinks and westerners. Japanese people do pirate but they definitely only lurk and do not speak a word whatsoever. Japanese P2P sharing seems to be mostly started in 2002 with the program Winny. Later came Share then Perfect Dark. Since file sharing laws in Japan are so strict, they all have somewhat of an anonymity layer to them. It is believed that Winny and Share have been broken in that regard but Perfect Dark is still fine. Piracy was discussed on 2channel and performed through Winny and Share which were relatively safe at the time. Perfect Dark also uses 2ch but it is unknown if it is actively developed anymore as it hasn't been updated in a long time. It is also heavily based on Freenet, the decentralized peer-to-peer platform. Perfect Dark was the primary source for doujin music rips where one uploader (台魔王) would post sometimes hundreds of rips per event. At that point you'd atleast think it would be a group of uploaders or a team but the speculation is that it was all one person due to all the scans being scanned on the same scanner and the EAC settings are the exact same throughout all the CD rips as outputted on the .log. The files were organized the exact same way everytime. This person is the reason why the TLMC (Touhou Lossless Music Collection) is all in tta+cue audio format since that was what all the CDs were ripped and uploaded as. He used to release on Share where there were also a few rippers but has since moved to Perfect Dark in 2010. どよーんworKeZibK9 was another prominent ripper on share but also moved to Perfect Dark but didn't rip as much then. There isn't really much information on these rippers. 台魔王 had a Chinese wiki article on Baidu but it doesn't really provide much information. 台魔王 is "Taiwanese Devil" so it was assumed that he wasn't Japanese. どよーん might have been. While everyone today knows about Doujinstyle as the main platform for doujin music, not many people know about what became before it. Doujinstyle back in 2006 was actually named Simulationstyle which changed to Doujinstyle v1 in 2008 and then Doujinstyle v2 in 2012. The main focus for Simulationstyle were doujin games (Which are almost never ripped and uploaded these days), Touhou, and Rhythm simulation games. The early western doujin music fandom was mostly fueled by these three things. was an old doujin music DDL website from 2008 meant to archive doujin music from other sources back then. The quality varied by mostly ogg vorbis and mp3. Back then encoders still weren't as good as they are now so the audio quality archival isn't as good as now. It was supposedly mostly an archive of two peoples' rips, zoiq and suion. suion was mostly a Perfect Dark & Share transcoder. Doujincore was a music blog that actually comprised of a few people that would go to the actual music events in Japan and buy the music from the artists in person. Back then there wasn't really any digital stores and even not much mail order which made Doujincore unique in the sense that they have a lot of rare rips that aren't really archived anywhere anymore. Near the beginning of their activities they actually used to release in lossless but soon opted for MP3 than the obscure audio format MusePack to try to convince people to buy the music if they liked it. It may seem like a nice idea at first but then we ended up with a bunch of low quality rips with no better quality rips found at all. NEET was a group that had their own imageboard back in 2007. They would release doujin music uploads on torrents with a focus on ogg vorbis and high quality tagging. They tried to use ogg vorbis since it was generally higher quality than mp3 and because it was an open source codec that was free to use but unfortunately that never caught on as mp3 still remains king for lossy music even today. There was a channel on the IRC Rizon network named #Comiket that had some people that would go to Comiket and upload the music they bought and used XDCC bots. Now that place has been completely dead for years. One of the Comiket IRC guys made an indexing site but not many people really used it. Lastly, 4chan /jp/ was a fairly large source for doujin rips from around 2008 to 2012. There were doujin threads on /a/ before the split to /jp/ since there were too many Touhou threads flooding /a/.

2019.05.16 - Something that popped up in my mind today... I am going to switch workplaces in a few months which means a new geographical location, new work area, new people, etc. etc. I can probably manage and adapt anywhere location-wise as long as I have my computer and headphones with DAC+amp. Ignoring that, the main thing I want to focus on is new people. Currently, my workplace is only 5 Military people including me and everyone else are civilians. Thats a total of 20 people at best. Almost everybody is over 30 which means that no one is my age nor do I hang out with any of these people. At my new workplace, there will be a lot more people in general - Atleast 50 I can imagine. There will be a lot more people around my age and younger which will be nice. The problem though.. I am no where near 'normal' and my hobbies, interests, and lifestyle are so niche that I wonder if I will actually make friends. I have no social media at all (and I will refuse to use such abominations), don't play any video games anymore really (Its been dying with corporate greed anyway), don't use Netflix (Fuck streaming), don't watch any western movies (Been an anime watcher all my life and will not change that, of course I will always be willing to watch with other people though), don't drink or smoke, don't watch or care for sports, I prioritize privacy and quality over convenience, I still buy CDs for music, never been in a relationship which means no kissing or sex, almost never use my phone, use Linux for an OS, don't listen to trap rap (Garbage ass fucking music), listen to very obscure music, pay with almost cash only, etc. I conclude that I am either an interesting or VERY boring individual to the average person. All of this is as a result of purposely living in solitude and living on the internet. This can cause quite a lot of problems socially as society is starting to become too glued to technology and me having no common interests with the majority of people. I'm already very quiet and unable to join in on group conversations due to lack of knowledge on the subject and having no similar interests. All of my life and for the past 3 years I have mostly been alone but that is something that I do not regret as I have learned a lot for that amount of time. It would most likely hurt more to have a lot of friends and not be able to give up social media or give up on social media and lose all the fake friends and other types of cancer than to have no friends and not have any unnecessary technological garbage. Now that I live a very privacy-centric lifestyle and am starting to notice the evils of the world - There is no going back. I will not give up on my beliefs for petty 'convenience'. I am living my life fine as is. Everyone may think that I am strange and weird for my lifestyle and why I do things the way I do but I will not conform to normalcy. If I can't become friends with atleast some people at my workplace - Then I will have to actively search out and find like-minded individuals. I most definitely want to find people with actual passion and hobbies that they love to tend to just like me. It may be a difficult journey coming up ahead and I will tread carefully.

2019.05.15 - And right after I had my most productive day comes the day where I waste several hours of time. What was supposed to be a one hour nap because I felt tired turned out to be a 11 1/2 to 12 hour deep sleep. Damn thats unproductive. The sleep was nice and I actually sort of remember my dreams though.

2019.05.14 - I have been the most productive I have ever been when it comes to ripping and tagging new albums and listening to new music. Holy shit why wasn't I like this a long time ago. I already ripped and tagged over half my Diverse Direct package which is very very excellent. I even listened to 7 different albums in a day - Rare as fuck. I liked all of them except one of them too. Refer to my M3-43 Buylist for information and previews.

Shattermind Recordings — Sunbeams - I was going to say that it was very good but giving it a quick relisten - Its about 50/50. There are some high quality progressive Trance in here than the other half is like uninspired or boring shit. I would most definitely recommend the last two songs which is by Spawn and Clion. Those are excellent.

On Prism Records — Prhythmatic Drum'n'bass - I'm not an addicted DnB head and have fucking autistic taste like some people do. I thought it was pretty good - I didn't really dislike any of the songs. I would likely relisten to 1st, 4th, 5th song on the album after initial listen.

MisoilePunch♪ — Connect feeling - Pretty great. Crawk & Capchii and 5ECH0M & VLADLAMDA song is pretty uninspiring though. Capchii is usually better but I guess not in this case. I love 7mai's sound! The song by uma vs. モリモリあつし - Its pretty rare to hear Hands Up being produced these days but its pretty good. Last song is pretty orgasmic.

みかん汁ふりかけ — フォースピース - Great! PSYQUI's first album and other songs I've heard from him are fucking garbage and he couldn't master for shit at that time. He probably still can't since the frequency spectrum hardlines at 20 kHz. But ignoring that - His two songs in this album are actually fucking great - 2nd one especially. Why doesn't he make Rock instead? Especially with this vocalist. I think all the collaboration songs he did with vocalists are great so maybe do more of that. カモメサノ was pretty nice. TsubusareBOZZ I didn't care for much.

Endorfin. — LOST-IDEA - Endorfin. is always pretty solid. Don't really have anything to complain about but not much comments to be made either.

Limonène — Evergreen - kamome sano is the master of reusing her old fucking songs over and over again. Why am I still buying her shit if she rarely makes anything actually new... But then again - I actually like her re-edits since most of the time I don't which is actually pretty rare. I'll give her praise for that atleast. PSYQUI's remix is actually pretty decent - Not uninspiring garbage like some of his songs. The usual colate style. C-Show's remix is pretty great DnB.

VIVID HARDCORE — VIVID HARDCORE -New Season- 7 - As usual its a mediocre J-Core compilation. I am several times more critical of J-Core than any other music because it USED to be the shit and now its not. Kankitsu's songs are excellent as usual but very samey sounding. This one is a bit different and more memorable I guess. takatin, yaseta, pollinosis is okay. you and Asterisk has the nice classic hardcore synths but proceeds to use the soulless bassy climax shit that ruins modern Hardcore music today. Fuck you. Fuck Epsilon too for doing the same shit. Holy fuck what happened to your style? Now it just sounds more like the generic UK Hardcore trash. You might as well go back to making bootleg songs of eroge. LU-I, Arch, deneb are pretty great. Its pretty rare to hear Makina being produced these days too so thats a welcome change. Maybe get rid of the generic vocal sampling though.

If I'm actually going to write my thoughts about the new music I listen to then I might as well start a Music Journal or something because it would take up a lot of my normal journal.

I found that Nate shipped my package yesterday and I should be getting it right before the weekend hits so I'll have all the time this weekend to rip and tag everything I hope. I spent a lot more on this M3 than I thought though. The most I have ever spent actually - The package came out to a total of 110k yen. Of course he usually misses getting some albums but I am kinda disappointed that he wasn't able to get Someone's Satellite - TrancIA. It has probably the highest quality Trance tunes I've heard this M3 and the one I most anticipated.

I didn't get to write about my leadership course thing and probably won't for some time with the massive amount of CDs I have to rip. Will get to it sometime.

2019.05.13 - I have received my Diverse Direct package today. Packaging is minimal but actually works. Put my loot pictures in the buyfag M3-43 section. Still waiting on Nate crate which should arrive soon since he shipped out everybody's packages by now.

Fucking YsK. I was about to rip Diverse System - Breaks Challenge but it turned out to be BADASS絶叫爆音上映4DX OST. The BADASS series, even while just listening to the album crossfades, is fucking garbage as a result of the modern EDM disease which is known for uninspiring Electronic music today. Though listening to the Breaks Challenge crossfade it was pretty shit too but not as bad as the BADASS series. Atleast YsK made an announcement realizing his fuck up and you can contact him to get the songs.

I had a leadership course today in preparation for my rank up if I make it. Though I've only went through with the first half and the 2nd half will be tomorrow. I will write about it tomorrow after I get the 'training guide' since it will actually be important for me later on.

Wrote a rambling article on a high ranking officer in the US Air Force for being arrested due to lolicon. It seems that the military can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality if no other complications occurred. And so the erosion of freedom of expression continues...

2019.05.12 - I have spent over half my day with my Japanese coworker - And I somewhat wish I had my time back. Shes in her mid-late 40s and has been using a computer for atleast 20 years now - And yet shes still tech fucking retarded beyond belief. I'll be ranting quite hard here.

She makes me want to slit my wrists on not knowing the extreme basics of technology. So, I went over to her place because she wanted me to download some music from Youtube and put it onto her iPhone. Unfortunately, there are two huge headaches with this that I can barely tolerate - Microsoft and Apple. She has a Microsoft Surface tablet - And I'm talking about the shitty cheap one. It has Windows 10 S which is the most inferior version of Windows 10. You literally can not install ANYTHING that is not from the Microsoft App Store. This is if not the worst form of DRM EVER. Want to use Google Chrome or Firefox downloaded directly from their websites? Well fuck you - You may only download it from the app store. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. When I try to start up iTunes from the app store I get an error that like 4 .dlls are not intended for this Windows version or some bullshit. So iTunes from the app store doesn't even fucking work. I try to see if I can fix it by going to the directory directly but that doesn't work either for whatever reason I don't remember now. Luckily you can get rid of S mode for 'free' - That is you have to register a fucking Microsoft account and give them your email address. You are being forced to sign in with a Microsoft account to regain control of your OS to disable this DRM known as S mode. I had my coworker login to her Microsoft account and unlock S mode so now its regular Windows 10. Then I proceed to install iTunes from the Apple website itself and luckily there are no issues.. Up until I have to sync the Youtube videos she wants on her phone. Fucking Apple forces you to use their shitty iTunes in order to put ANY files on your devices. Its fucking horseshit. In this case especially - the iPhone has like over 2 gb of memory left and the videos take up less than 2 gb of memory yet it can't sync because it needs an additional 550+ MB of memory. How the fuck does that even make sense?!? Can you math?! I told my coworker that I would have to delete a video or two from her iPhone to try to sync the new videos that she wants (even though the videos deleted are included to be sync'd). It works. *sigh*

So her divorced ex-husband and her son have moved to the United States permanently which means that they have left stuff at her house. So she shows me what they left behind which is two old ass cameras and a bunch of AC adapters, USB cables, and the like. I found the USB cables that go with the cameras and she said "Wow you're smart I wouldn't have been able to do that". No fucking shit bitch, you didn't even TRY to do it yourself. You rely on ME to do it for YOU because you would rather have someone else do it for YOU instead. YOU can't bother to critically think for yourself. This is not fucking rocket science. You look at the USB cable outputs and just compare them to the fucking cameras!!! So, she said that she wanted to take out any videos or photos that may be in the two cameras. One camera had an 8 MB SD card - Yes the two cameras is pretty ancient in terms of technology. The other one didn't have one at all. I took out the 8 MB SD card and told her that she would need an SD card reader to get the data out since the Microsoft Surface tablet has almost no fucking ports to begin with - Only one USB C port literally. You have to use a fucking USB C to USB A adapter to even use standard USB devices. If you need to use more than one USB device, you have to also add in the USB port hub which looks even more retarded. This thinness meme is so furiating and backwards. Lets make all laptops and tablets as thin as possible while removing essential features - Great idea! Back to the SD card - We couldn't really do anything about it because she didn't have any SD card readers or anything and the cameras don't actually work anymore. Even after I took out the memory card she said she wanted to get the photos and videos out of the camera itself. I had to tell her that the photos and videos are written to the SD card and not the camera. This is fucking basic shit and you've had the camera for over 2 decades - How do you not know this?! She also asked me if watching the videos that she recorded herself and the videos I downloaded for her on her iPhone would take up her mobile data - Disregarding iCloud which I disabled for her - NO! Its fucking stored on your iPhone already! How the fuck do you not even know that?!

I can't wait until I'm seperated from her in a few months. Then she will feel the fucking pain and suffer for being such a stupid bitch that can't learn to do anything herself. You only need two things to solve atleast 90%+ of your problems - A search engine and critical thinking skills. No you do not need to have technical knowledge of technology. Go to something like Google, type in your problem, click on the links it gives you that may help solve your problem. Thats it. She doesn't even have this thought in her mind at all. While she is a nice and very cute lady for her age - the moment she asks you about something technology-related is when all hell has broken loose. Apparently she has retained almost nothing after 2 decades of using a fucking computer. She has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars on shipping fees from letting me use her Japanese address for my CD orders which is why I dare not to be mean to her - But god she makes me not want to help anyone with technology-related shit at all. I hope not to be in a relationship with a tech retarded woman in the future or else I will grow grey and white hairs faster than usual.

Also while I was helping her with all of this - Her sister was home as well. She laid down on the coach in the same posture watching TV - FOR 7 FUCKING HOURS! How the hell is it possible to do that?! You waste a good weekend day to do absolutely nothing!? That is mind boggling. She can do what she wants but damn - What an incredibly unproductive day for her it was.

2019.05.11 - For the cache error I have been getting - It turns out that Foobar2000 via WINE was the issue. I don't know why using Foobar2000 has been causing my cache to go to the maximum as it was working fine before. Its probably about time that I start tagging with DeaDBeeF instead although there is more minor annoyances. I got used to it pretty fast though.

I have been tagging Spielraum & Silly Walker albums and scanning album covers for older stuff today. I listened to a little bit of both circles. Two FANTASTIC songs from artist すぺらんかー from Silly Walker I have heard today are great! Here and here. Incredibly fun Hardcore/Gabber songs and the exact reason why I want to dig into the older music. You just don't hear songs like these anymore which is quite sad. I'm also not that into Touhou so this helps keep me interested. Shit, I might as well collect most of Silly Walker. Its actually pretty good.

HOLY FUCK! I received an email notification from Surugaya that an album on my wantlist has appeared. I clicked on it and I saw...Crimson Meditation from Druggy's Acid RacK. I stopped whatever the fuck I was doing and went directly to the website to order it right away. Nothing else matters at this point. That album is insanely rare. Surugaya lists albums if they stock and sell it atleast once - But in this case that album has never been listed until this year in 2019. The album was made in 2005. This is the 2nd time it has appeared. It has only appeared on Surugaya twice in 14 years! Its possible that it may have been auctioned from Yahoo Auctions Japan but I don't know of it. Anyway, I managed to order it in 10 minutes after I received the email notification. That is if not the fastest I have ever ordered an album. There is no time to think and buy other albums - There is always a chance that it may be purchased by someone else and the chance is lost. And my guess was completely correct - A friend that has tried to buy it the first time on Surugaya tried to buy it the 2nd time but I managed to buy it even faster. She was in the process of selecting her payment methods but I had managed to finish faster. Talk about fierce competition! No fucking joke this hobby is. But man am I happy to manage to get this CD. Now I just need to get Druggy's Acid RacK - Zone Elimination which is the 2nd album from the circle to complete the entire discography.

My coworker called me and told me that he put a package on my desk in the office we work in. Wasn't sure if it was Surugaya or the Nate crate. I was going to have to wait until Monday to get it since I don't have a key to get inside the building but... My other female coworker had possibly lost her ID and it would have been difficult to get back on base. She had to pick up two people from the airport and the gate guards could've given her trouble so I helped her out with the airport run. At the end, I ended up being able to get the package from the office thanks to this incident lol. I had taken pictures and put it in the Surugaya loot // Buyfag section.

2019.05.10 - My OS is being plagued by a maximized cache error and its incredibly annoying. My computer is running unneccessarily slow when my CPU and RAM are not really doing anything but the cache keeps making my shit freeze. I'll have to figure out how to get rid of this issue.

While I have finished ripping all my recent Surugaya loot, I still have to scan and edit the album covers. Now that is going to be the annoying thing about getting older doujin albums is that the digital album cover is usually always low resolution and cursed with .jpg artifacts. In this case its just better to scan the album cover so it actually looks good. In exchange you have to put in more effort.

Apparently Nate has shipped a lot of orders already, atleast those that didn't order anything from RTS. This means that my order has also probably shipped as well. My coworker comes back on Monday and I might have my Diverse Direct and Nate's Crate at the same time. If that does happen, I will be very very busy ripping and tagging albums for the entire week due to the sheer amount that I order every M3. Who knows if I will bother updating the website except for my journal entry.

2019.05.09 - I wasn't expecting to write a news article today until my friend linked transgender 'girls' competing and winning against biological girls. Transgenderism strikes back! I already wrote about this before in a rambling article but the source in particular goes pretty deep with other news articles as well.

Watching Kenja no Mago which is just another typical below average Isekai series with an overpowred MC as usual. Now... The main reason I'm writing about this series is because Sizilien von Klode is unbelieveable cute! The way she acts around Shin Wolford is so adorable. I should probably start up the anime section again and put the screenshots I like.

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san has got to be one of the most relaxing Slice of Life series ever. Who wouldn't want a 800 year old fox loli wife to pamper you after a hard day of work? Who wouldn't like the fluffiness of fox tail? Modern fake feminists and loli haters lol.

My Diverse Direct package has shipped out and should be in my possession by early next week as well as my bigger Surugaya package. More buyfag pictures to follow™

2019.05.08 - I started the buyfag section finally.

"Any purchase is once in a lifetime. Let it go once, and you'll never get a chance again. In this world, we do say 'Leap before you look, buy before you think.'" ~Saori from Oreimo

In the world of buyfag and donjon music, it really is quite a journey! Collecting albums as they pop up online (Especially the rare ones!), making sure to buy everything I wanted from the event or else it might not appear again, sharing and talking with fellow donjoners about the event and music, etc.. I hope I never grow out of it. All the faggots that say "Why not just stream the music?" will never know this feeling.

In addition to adding my buyfag loot from here on out, I will be adding my past buyfag loot from the last 3 years that I could find as well.

I didn't get to write that rambling article as planned, oh well. Try again later...

2019.05.07 - I have gotten my camera and smaller Surugaya package today. I can start the buyfag section by tomorrow! This probably happens to everyone when they first get a dedicated camera but my initial photos were awful (mostly because I had set whacky settings). After spending around 3 hours messing with the settings and through trial and error, I have managed to make them look decent. Should definitely be better than smartphone crap cameras atleast. Because I spent a bit of time with it I didn't really feel like writing the rambling article I was originally going to write today about (Warning: NSFW site)this. I'll write about it tomorrow if I'm in the mood.

I seem to be getting a constant amount of views on my site now although I haven't really been adding any content for the past week. digdeeper did link me on his site and I have updated my journal everyday so far so I guess that helps.. I'm surprised that I've managed to find things to write down everyday lol.

2019.05.06 - I started working on my packing out application online to have my household goods to be packed and shipped to wherever I'm going for my next workplace. I am very anxious about my massive CD collection being damaged or lost and such. I heard that Japanese people are excellent packers and take pride in it which helps but then when it gets to the United States that those rowdy god damn Americans (Despite being American myself) treat your shit like its shit and will pay no heed.

I think that digdeeper's article, the physical health section in this case, is starting to get to me... It makes me realize that I've been eating junk food almost all this entire time for the past 2 1/2 years... It would sound dumb that I would start eating more healthier food to avoid the capitalistic trend to eat addictive junk food that does more harm than healthy food. When I get to my new workplace I will put in a lot more effort to eat healthier and to cook my own food rather than having to eat out all the time or eat junk food with little nutrition.

Not much motivation to write a news article and/or rambling article at this time especially after finally ripping dozens of CDs for two days straight - And soon I will be getting even more..I have around 200 more coming my way so I must prepare for another battle.

I ended up falling asleep a lot earlier than usual this time...

2019.05.05 - I called a family member today with the Signal app. Being in a different country than my family - It costs a lot of money to call people internationally over here. The only real solution is to use a voice chat app that uses wifi or data. The most reputable, privacy-centric, and easiest for everyone to use being Signal. We were talking like usual until they started bringing up "Can you please get Facebook again so we can talk through there? Especially for family?" And I had to say straight up "I'm not getting Facebook. Period. I don't see why you can't call me, text me, or email me." They couldn't really mutter a response besides saying they were angry and so they shifted the conversation elsewhere. Everyone should already know that Facebook is a piece of shit with negative press pretty much every single week since the Cambridge Analyctica incident. People are getting too lenient and letting 'convenience' take over everything. We resort to letting a middleman get in between our communications that they spy on, collect our information, and then target us with ads. It shouldn't have to be like this. Its not fucking hard to talk to people directly. Fuck Facebook and surveillance capitalists.

Ever since looking at Surugaya and Discogs for older stuff - I am quite annoyed by the sheer amount of old music that is just forever lost. There are some music that was shared at one point but never re-uploaded again. Its even harder or in most cases impossible to find lossless rips. Now starts my journey to buy and listen to old doujin music. The older doujin music era of 1999-2007 seems to be the peak of the scene in terms of album releases. Recently I had bought a bunch of albums from Silly Walker and the albums came in a lot of varied physical media cases. The albums I got from tri-bute cafe came with something like a light novel / manga to accompany the album with a bit of double digit to a hundred pages. Nowadays 99% of what you get is the standard jewel case and 1/2 sized jewel case stuff. Oh how times have changed...

I have talked with a fellow J-Core fan that had a ridiculous amount of old doujin albums that I am looking for and he pointed me towards SoulSeek. It is a P2P music sharing program in the simplest sense. I have used it before but never got deep into it due to the obscurity of doujin music to begin with.. But if hes on it and has the albums shared privately then there is a chance that other people are the same way. I will get deeper into SoulSeek soon when I have free time. I hope to actually find rips of stuff I am looking for...

2019.05.04 - I was ripping CDs all day today..Then I remembered that I will have to start scanning the album covers of old albums since trying to find a good digital cover is hard. Have to scan it for good quality and resolution. I still have a lot to rip through again tomorrow...

Bought quite a lot from Surugaya today. Tried to buy what I could of old zts, Thanatos, t+pazolite, syatten, etc.

It seems that Firefox fucked up big time today. The intermediate certificate used to sign Mozilla addons expired which made almost ALL addons disabled and unusable. Lots of angry people on Reddit /r/Firefox, 4chan, etc.. I wasn't affected since I use Pale Moon haha. Great memes came out of too.

2019.05.03 - CD autism is quite a stressing disease. I still haven't finished ripping dozens of CDs and the ones I did rip I still haven't tagged. I have CD rip requests from friends and I haven't fulfilled them in over a month. My music HDD is a god damn mess... Yet I still love this hobby... Its quite troubling.

2019.05.02 - Regarding my written thought on 04.27 - While I am not deep into knowing the ins and outs of transgenderism - Two articles I have read from my friend confirms my fear of transgenderism on children. Very young to young children are young, vulnerable, don't know anything, and extremely easy to mislead. As the first article states, children will believe whatever as they don't have much capability to think for themselves yet. Manipulating children is extremely wrong.

Looked more into NaturalNews as a 'news' site. It has *some* good articles but a lot of it is clickbait and conspiracy-type stuff. Read and tread carefully here.

Ordered the rest of the doujin music albums for M3-43 that I needed. I'm glad that syatten put Chromesphere Records - Binary Star EP on Diverse Direct which I did not expected. It seemed like it would be event exclusive since it looked like it was releasing at a pretty obscure event. Good to know that is not the case though.

I also ordered some physical albums from Surugaya for the first time in a while since まもも家 - Colors/Forest popped. Mamomo makes excellent instrumental music. One more to my Mamomo collection yay.

Since there will most likely be more 'Insanity of Leftism' rambling articles than normal articles..I may as well put it at the top instead.

2019.05.01 - There was quite some drama in the donjon server in Discord today. It is a piracy server for doujin music where everybody shares their CD rips or digital purchases. The situation in a nutshell:

>Someone requests album in FLAC in the #requests channel

>Moralfag complains about why he just doesn't buy the music instead and continues to be a dick

>Piratefag tells him its the #requests channel and not to inflate his ego while putting people down but then tells him to fuck off, buy a gun, and eat a bullet

>I pinged the @mods

>They continue to argue against each other

>Mod steps in and tells them to be nice

>Moralfag still angry and complaining about leechers on a server where 99.9% of people are on to pirate music in the first place

>Moralfag links the 'album' in FLAC to the requester

>Turns out that its a Bandcamp mp3 128kbps transcoded to FLAC rip with the filename

>Mod takes it down and we needlessly banter with the moralfag and then we have a civilized discussion and carry on

There are many ways to interpret this drama.. There was no need for the moralfag to annoy people for that long. If hes so triggered he could mute the channel or just leave the server. Piratefag was being a bit overly aggressive which was unnecessary. There wasn't a need for moralfag to link the purchase link when the requester already linked it in the first place. Saying that you 'gave him free music' but as a transcode with the a file is just intentionally being a dick. You shouldn't be picky about music but preaching it that way is the wrong way to go about it. "But if the album is that easy to grab we'll just wait for someone to buy it and share it" is pretty shitty to the artist that made it easy for overseas fans to buy from them...And so on and so forth.. If people wait patiently and nicely then uploads will come.

2019.04.30 - There was an enormous amount of comments on an article on Slashdot about Microsoft not allowing Notch, creator of Minecraft, to be a part of the 10th anniversary of Minecraft due to 'white supremacist and transphobic' tweets on Twitter. I was kind of surprised how big the discussion was but I guess the reason for that is because Notch is pretty well known as creator of Minecraft and has over 3 million followers on Twitter. Good to see some good quality comments on Slashdot against leftism. Added the article to the Insanity of Leftism series.

My friend posted a sarcastic article by Aral Balkan on privacy and surveillance capitalists. I agree with him, it was a good humor read from all the negative news that shits my brain everyday. Besides just the article, I ended up taking a look at the site itself and its great. The guy is an activist and it really shows in his site (no 3rd party trackers), his practice of ethical design, his not-for-profit, his privacy policy of it which is very simple, etc. I will need to check out his other articles to read when I have time. I have added his site and two articles to my recommended articles section.

2019.04.29 - An acquaintance linked me a very interesting site, Extortion Industry, which exposes the harmful practices done by the video game industry. A recommended site despite the little content it has thus far - Added it as a recommended article and website in recommended article section.

2019.04.28 - M3 happened today. Nice booth pics on Twitter. Proxy has 6 boxes of donjons this event. Hope he managed well. Have to order the rest of the albums I wanted from Melonbooks tomorrow or sometime soon..

2019.04.27 - Had a minor debate with an acquaintance today. In a certain group chat server, I noticed that a person has put in 'her' username 'username(she/her)'. I understand respecting someone by using their 'gender pronouns' but I do not see a reason to have it flaunted for everyone to see. Normally you would just mention that you're a male/boy/man/female/girl/woman when the case arises for the need for it. Most people will not care about gender on the internet - the place to explore and exchange information - Yet people will make gender out to be of importantance when it shouldn't be and is not of concern in most situations. Sure you *can* display it next to your name and I will 'respect' it (Unless it is non-standard made-up pronouns - Those types of people are a lost cause) but I will not agree with the ideology behind it - An increasingly dangerous one at that. I most certainly will not like the time where everyone starts pronouncing their 'gender pronouns' and then the rest of us having to conform to their 'needs'. And then we end up needlessly fighting with each other over something as trivial as gender...And some go as far as doxing and/or making the other person lose his/her job or reputation which is far worse than 'cyberbullying' - Though in this particular article, which says that "More than 2,000 children aged 3 to 18 in the UK were referred to a gender identity specialist", should not really be allowed to change their gender at such a young age without a DEEP understanding of what is being done and the consequences behind it. In some cases this is brainwashing the children which is a LEGITIMATE concern.

2019.04.26 - M3 is almost here boyos. M3 this time seems really big but thats all M3s. Pretty excited to listen to Kita-Kei's two new albums As a Human & TrancIA if my proxy is able to get them. Has some great Vocaloid Trance songs on both. I will be looking into updating html hyperlinking color as dark blue & dark purple don't fit well on a dark grey background. Should be able to write a news article or two and be able to update my rambling articles section.

2019.04.25 - Accidentally fell asleep way too early and didn't get to do much. Contemplated on writing a news article piece atleast once a week because it takes quite a bit of time and thought to write unlike the rambling articles where I can write whatever. I wanted to continuously post news links without writing about them but then it may just start looking like 'propaganda' and theres not a lot to gain from that. If you want to read more than just what I post - Then I suggest checking Slashdot or Hacker News.

2019.04.24 - Surprisingly got out of work early today. Spent over half of my free time listening to album crossfades for the upcoming M3. Fuck there was a lot. My buylist is really big. Ordered the albums I wanted from Diverse Direct. Also bought a PANASONIC LUMIX FZ80 so I can start getting into photography and to stop using a shitty smartphone camera that looks like ass. Better loot pics finally. Lol Sprite Recordings changed their circle name to Sprite:Wall.

>Sprite Recordings

>Makes pretty high quality Trance/Electronic and Rock music at standard 1000 yen per album

>Slowly, prices started increasing and quality decreasing

>Changes circle name to Sprite:Wall

>"Haha we make Pop now"

>Newest album is a collection of free songs from last year being sold for 2500 yen per album

2019.04.23 - Ended up not playing my eroge as planned. Instead I added one rambling article and unexpectedly created the Monochrome & Colored page in Doujin Music section sooner than expected. Added AniDB as recommended website. Add torrent links later though. Watched an interesting new airing anime series today - Carole & Tuesday. It has been 50 years after mankind has settled into Mars. It's an age where most culture is produced by AI, and people are content to be passive consumers. Two young girls are aspiring to become musicians in Alba City. Almost all of the music on Mars has been generated by AI and human musicians are now a thing of the past. When the two girls meet, they feel that they have a chance of reaching their dream - and so their journey begins.

2019.04.22 - Admittingly, writing about news and minor articles is fun but quite exhausting with the amount that comes out everyday. Maintaining a personal website and dealing with other hobbies is quite a challenge for the fight of free time. Lets see how long I will last until I give in.