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Summer 2019 Archive

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2019.11.06: I haven't written in my journal for a while. I am just so busy with my new workplace. This week we started working 13 hour workdays which is pretty insane. It boggles my mind that I go to work when its dark and leave work when its dark as well. I have to get ready to go on my 1st deployment and such. Will be updating much less frequently over the next several months.

2019.10.13: (((rant))) My Japanese coworker is still haunting me to this day even when I have returned back to the US. Almost every single time she has called me so far she keeps talking about needing friends, companionship, people to talk to. Yes I fucking get it but nothing is going to happen if you don't explore in person and find shit to do yourself. And for over the 6th fucking time she has asked me to do 'research' for yet more fucking dating sites! Fuck off already Jesus Christ! And she said she wants me to try to talk to her son who recently moved to the US for community college. He and I are technically friends and the two things we have in common is anime and computers. Apparently he can't go to community college for another 10 months so hes just lonely. No fucking shit you're lonely - You literally talk to NO ONE. All you do is play video games and watch Youtube videos. You don't even talk to people online. Hes even in my Discord server for a few months and he doesn't TALK AT ALL. You're a fucking ghost or a background character in anime! How about you open your fucking mouth and actually talk to people!! Such fucking incompetence... (((/rant)))

On the other hand... Yesterday I went to the movie theater with my coworker and watched The Joker. Thinking about it - It has been about over 2 years since I've last been to a movie theater and have watched and actually payed attention to a western movie from start to finish. It was a great movie! It was quite the experience watching something that actually wasn't anime for once. In this case - The sense of realism, corruption, poverty, mental illness, deception, murder... It seems that I like to watch the darker side of western movies because it actually makes me think about a lot of things instead of monotonously watching. My new friend says that he loves going to the movie theater so I will probably end up watching a lot more western movies. Like he said, its not bad to 'open your horizons' and watch other things every once in a while. I probably still won't watch them of my own free will but I will most definitely watch with others. All of my time is already spent on anime and music so I don't especially care too much about things outside of that. For me, its all or nothing. As much as I would like to start reading visual novels again or try to get into the Finnish Freeform and UK Hardcore music scene - There is not enough time in the world to everything I want to do. I have tried as much as I could to isolate myself from noise such as social media, news, Discord servers I'm in, everything else that doesn't really matter but thats still not enough. Spend your time wisely my lads.

2019.10.12: (((rant))) I am quite in a rough spot right now. I've said it a lot but it still really annoys me... The work hours are way too long. I still haven't adjusted my sleep schedule to sleep at 12 AM like I usually do. I'm still sleeping at 9-10 PM which is many hours of free time wasted. I haven't been reading Slashdot like I usually do because I feel like I am cut for time... Work drains me of my energy quite a bit so its hard. I still haven't listened to a single album from C96 because I still don't have my desktop until Thursday and I can't be bothered to get my CD drive to work on my Thinkpad. I could just download albums from the internet but now I have a weird adversion to downloading doujin music and prefer ripping everything myself instead. I got all the computer parts for my NAS except for my motherboard and tower case. My motherboard shipment has been delayed to Monday (Or Tuesday because Monday is a day off work atleast). My tower case, however, was shipped back to the sender due to 'invoice' issues which is pretty bullshit. Have to wait much longer now. I contacted Newegg support and they said to contact them when they receive the tower case and see if they can redeliver but they might not be able to because of the issues with the invoice. If they can't they will atleast refund me and I can order it again. I bought a computer monitor a while ago because now I can use dual monitor screens again but that was also sent back to the sender because apparently the package was refused. I was payed yesterday but my paychecks from now on are much less now that I don't have cost-of-living allowances (COLA) from being in Japan and I am no longer allowed a food allowance since I can just go eat at the cafeteria. My Thinkpad T420 with Intel i7-3632qm processor should still be pretty good in this time and age but it feels slow and sluggish especially when web browsing. Pale Moon is even slower than stock Firefox and I don't even have that many addons... I'll have to look into this. My workflow feels pretty awful too since I'm not using a tiling window manager like I usually do. I'm currently using XFCE and Debian but I can't wait to have dwm and Gentoo back.

The best way of downloading anime music is from the chinese forums TSDM and ASTOST which I do all the time. The shitty thing is that pretty much everything is uploaded to Baidu. Baidu is like the Chinese version of MEGA but it has significantly more free cloud storage (1 or 2 TB compared to 50 GB). Thats great but the speeds are absolutely abysmal without SVIP, they try to force you to download stuff with their botnet spyware Baidu desktop client, and lock you out if they suspect suspicious activity (Usually if they suspect IP addresses from different countries). In my case, I have associated my account with an email address and phone number which are no longer in use anymore. My email address was a very old one from Yahoo that I have since deleted for better email services. The phone number I have put is the one that I was using in Japan but now I don't have that number anymore since I'm back in the US. Even if I have my password I will be locked out due to 2FA. I can't really contact Baidu because I don't know Chinese which puts me in a bind. They've been really cracking down on registrations from overseas. I've tried making another Baidu account but it seems that its not possible right now. Luckily you can still login to your account normally after a few days but its really annoying.

This is starting to put me off from using 2FA even further and it should be optional. It is unacceptable that I am locked out of my old account because I no longer have access to the 2FA I used before. It should be my own responsibility if my account is hacked, lost, or stolen but the tech companies won't like that. Everyone wants as much personal data as possible these days even if they don't need it and with no repercussions when they suffer data breaches. From the little I have read recently - Its been found that Twitter has been using phone numbers for advertising purposes rather than for the 'security' and 'safety' of their users. Adobe has stopped distributing their 'software-as-a-service' business model to Venezuela due to the United States issuing an executive order preventing any kind of trade with Venezuela. Venezuelians that use Adobe's software are very fucked. This is why 'software-as-a-service' is never a good idea. It gives tech companies a vast amount of control over their users. It also leads me to a question... If the US and Venezuela can't do any trade then what about Microsoft Windows OS? They're trying to make Windows 10 'software-as-a-service'. Does that mean they can't even use Windows and have to look for an alternative OS? ...Who knows.

I feel like I have become friends with one of my coworkers at work which is great. From our short time together, we are pretty similar in terms of personality. Our social skills aren't the best but I believe I am more awkward about it then he is. He is really kind and chill just like me. He and I have mostly been loners at our previous workplaces. He was in a position where he didn't really need to interact with others at all and so he didn't. I was set in a bad workplace with a lack of sailors and put in a Marine base so I never really tried becoming friends with anyone. One thing that connects us is that we love anime. I'm glad to have found a friend that I can talk about anime with since I know nothing about anything else.

2019.10.05:: The Fall anime season has started which means it is now time to archive my Summer 2019 journal. I have also archived my Music Journal, News, Rambling, and Planned Articles section into the Archive section because I don't want to spend my time updating those sections anymore. It takes a lot more time to think about what to write more than you may think. Go read Slashdot or find some news yourself. I actually haven't really even been reading Slashdot lately but that is mostly because I am still getting settled into my new workplace. I do keep up with reading SankakuComplex since I need my weeb shit news, useless ads, and because I am a semi-oldfag visitor.

I got some of my C96 albums from I bought 9 more albums because already packed my 1st order before I was finished ordering everything. Nate shipped my C96 package quite a while ago but my workplace still hasn't given it to me yet. Supposedly some packages go to the admin department and they hand out personal packages to other departments but I still haven't gotten it yet >:( I haven't gotten my main desktop or household goods in general back because I'm not done checking in with my workplace just yet. After I finish completely checking in I will ask to go on special liberty (basically a day off work) so that the moving company can come by to my barracks and deliver all my stuff. My room in the barracks is even smaller than my last one and the layout is more rectangular than square which may cause space issues because I have like 8 boxes of CDs... We'll see how this fares.

I finally bought the computer parts to build a NAS 2 days ago from Newegg. Because the room is tiny and I have a roommate it has to be as quiet as possible which means that server racks are an obvious no-no. Computer parts list here. It was more expensive than I thought but it is mostly the HDDs that make it more expensive than the desktop build itsef. Still planning on encrypted Linux distro (not sure what yet) with ZFS filesystem, ECC RAM, and RAID6. Intel has been getting worse and worse with their overpriced shit and security vulnerability issues while AMD is doing vastly superior in this regard. Thankfully the Ryzen threadripper series of CPUs support ECC RAM. The AMD Threadripper 1920X for only around $200 was a ridiculously good choice. The case, CPU fans, and case fans are optimized to be quiet so hopefully it pulls through. 48 TB of usable storage is pretty overkill for my needs but I'll find a way to use it or fill it. I'll be able to fill up atleast 15-16 TiB of it but the rest will be available. Later on I think I will try self-hosting my own instances of stuff too. searx,, nitter, Nextcloud. Can't wait to start building it and getting it setup!

Having downloaded almost all the anime I've ever watched and plan to watch on a seedbox I now have (almost) local anime at my fingertips! I actually have the motivation to watch completed anime series again just like when I first started watching right before I was a teenager. It feels really good! When sequels of anime series that air for the upcoming season come out I plan to watch the prequels so I can catch up. I've already watched a lot of the prequels to the series coming out except for one that I want to watch which is Chihayafuru 3rd season. I hear nothing but good things about this series and I can tell why. I have watched 12 episodes of Chihayafuru 1st season so far this weekend. I absolutely love the passion of Chihaya for karuta and the series in general, character interactions, and OST. It is definitely a must watch! Next weekend I should be able to watch Chihayafuru 2nd season and then I can watch the 3rd season airing!