Recommended Articles

Purpose: To share articles, websites, or information that is educational, well-written, and informative.

Privacy research on - Comprehensive research by Max Dor on why the Matrix protocol is not as focused on privacy as we once thought. Stick with XMPP+OMEMO for secure and encrypted communication.

Seattle 1999: The battle of America against the World Trade Organization - A video depicting the events that led to the Seattle 1999 protests and the inception of Riseup.

You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA - An in-depth article of the annoyances of Google ReCAPTCHA.

China Snares Tourists’ Phones in Surveillance Dragnet by Adding Secret App, China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover In The Most Dystopian Place In The World, Analysis-Report Chinese Police App “BXAQ” 03.2019 - The article explains that Chinese border authorities forcefully install their app on the phones of anyone (including foreigners) entering the Xinjiang region of China for the sole purpose of surveillance for the reason of 'terrorism'. The video shows a rare glimse of the inside of Xinjiang, the surveillance capabilities, and more. The report by Cure53 proves that one of the apps used is very malicious spyware.

All EFF’d Up - VERY long but highly recommended article. It exposes that, in the end, the EFF is not your friend as widely known to be.

In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move - Explains the usage of smartphone bluetooth beacons when used with store apps for mass surveillance and manipulation for profit.

AI Has Made Video Surveillance Automated and Terrifying - The dark side and future of a world with AIs.

WeChat Is Watching - Long article about the personal experience and inside reality of China and probably its biggest app WeChat which goes far beyond being just a social media app.

I Cut the 'Big Five' Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell. - An interesting article that shows just how much we rely on just 5 tech corporations who have control over the vast majority of the internet. Also has separate articles for Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple in the series.

Private Search Engines – The Ultimate Guide - In-depth information on search engines. One thing to note - I would recommend searx over Startpage since Startpage is centralized, has the censorship filter bubble from Google, and contains Google's ads.

The nature of the self in the digital age - Viewing the relationship of people with data and technology in the digital age.

I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all) - A sarcastic article on privacy and surveillance capitalists.

Extortion Industry - A different perspective on video game piracy.

Facebook: Precursor to Social Media Troubles and Future Censorship - Very resourceful article on the evils of Facebook.

Why VPN Is Needed - Self-explanatory.

The Paranoid's Bible 2.0 - An anti-doxxing guide.

Recommended Websites

digdeeper - A fellow friend that writes about anti-capitalism, surveillance, human rights and freedoms, privacy, etc.

Spyware Watchdog - Learning the depths of spyware software. Some points may seem exaggerated and over-the-top but informative nontheless.

Autistici // Riseup // Disroot - Three of the best community-managed email providers that actually respect your privacy and freedom. No soulless businessmen talk here - They are normal people that talk straight from the heart. Also provides a plethora of features than just email. Refer to digdeeper's Email article for more information.

The Paranoid's Bible - A group comprised of security and privacy enthusiasts and hobbyists who love to dwell into things like how to remove information from the internet to anti-forensic.

That One Privacy Site - Non-biased in-depth reviews of a massive list of VPNs.

themusicgod1/cloudflare-tor - While everybody is starting to notice that tech corporations like Facebook, Google, etc. are bad - Not many people notice the flaws of Cloudflare. Great collection of resources about the 'evil' of Cloudflare.

Slashdot - Technology and other geeky news aggregator. User submitted stories are short, to the point, plentiful, and usually non-biased. Lots of quality and insightful comments. Not recommended for the privacy-conscious for typing comments as it requires completing Google Recaptcha, real name, and has the inability to delete your account.

Audio-4U - Japanese music blog by RandomWeeaboo with a focus on lossless doujin music - Especially J-Core.

AniDB - One of the best, if not, the best anime database site. Autistic tagging with constant updates. Actually respects your privacy and has absolutely no 3rd party trackers! The forums are not as active as other major anime database sites but still thriving.

Extortion Industry - A website with a different perspective and demonstrates the harmful practices on the video game industry.

Aral Balkan - An activist against surveillance capitalism and practices ethical design.

Airing Anime Discord Server - My own Discord server based on airing anime of the season and technology due to frustration of finding Discord servers that met my standards.

Doujinstyle Discord Server - Where most public rips of doujin music is uploaded. Recommended for current event rips.

Doujin Music Discord Server - Discussion of doujin music and regular talk. Also contains a LOT of useful information on doujin music resources. Recommended for normal chatting. - A useful website for previewing anime that have aired for certain seasons of certain years. Great for previewing upcoming anime that will air for the next season. Links to a lot of websites containing information for certain anime series. - Lightweight privacy-focused proxy to Youtube that doesn't require any javascript.

Nitter - Lightweight privacy-focused proxy to Twitter that doesn't require any javascript.